Art Decade

Art Decade

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Like David Bowie drinking a cup of tea, brewed by Van Gogh, after winning a tennis match with Mozart.


Boston orchestral pop band Art Decade began when singer Ben Talmi was in the 8th grade. Or rather, the seeds of what would become Art Decade first took root when Talmi formed his first band, Channel, while still in his early teens. After several EPs, Channel garnered the attention of the late LeRoi Moore of The Dave Matthews Band. By then known as Art Decade, they were invited to record their 2008 Innocence/Experience EP at Matthews own Haunted Hollow Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia.

When the band was ready to record their 2012 debut LP, Western Sunrise, they enlisted producer Dan Hannon, set up shop in his studio, and came away with a self-described neo indie classical album of symphonic pop/rock. They continue this thorough dissection of indie pop and classical music on their self-titled sophomore album, which is due out sometime in September.

For our first glimpse of the upcoming record, the band has shared lead single No Ones Waiting. With soaring vocals that reach skyward and a rhythm section that never allows the song to lose momentum, the band sets its sights on maintaining the balance between its narrative intimacy and pop self-importance. Sentimental without being over-wrought, the band reveals true feeling and revelation within the swaths of swaying strings, thudding percussion, and biting lyricism.

The title No Ones Waiting was inspired by a story my father told me about his post collegiate life, Talmi says in a statement. He would talk to young composers who would say, Oh Ill be leaving for Los Angeles to pursue their musical career, in response his teachers would say, Good luck because No Ones Waiting when you get there.

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