Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

My only inspiration in music is my amazing experience with God. I must spread the Gospel through a musical testimony of Jesus Christ who is the reason I live! Christ IS my music! The very symphony, he is in my beats, my lines, in the rhythms! My music is diverse with a modern style. It is designed to capture any audience! It ranges from heartfelt worship to upbeat tempo.


Born and raised in Miami, Florida 22 year old Art-est also known as Ralph Arteaga desires to reach the public through music. Being of Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage Art-est grew to love music! He fell in love with Hip Hop during his youthful years in his neighborhood, South Miami Heights. It was in that very neighborhood where he discovered his talent in music and began recording secular music. Growing up in South Miami Heights was a struggle and Art-est found himself falling into bad company. After being involved in the gang life for five years God opened Art-est’s eyes where he came to know God’s grace and mercy. Art-est accepted God’s sweet gift of salvation July 8th 2010 and made a commitment to God and is dedicated to building God’s kingdom. Accepting that he is a living testimony Art-est aspires to impact those he encounter and to glorify the King through his music. His passion for God compelled him to introduce Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior to this generation!


Currently working on mixtape titled Define Grace Volume 1
Currently working on mixtape titled God Belongs In My City Miami.