Art Four Sale

Art Four Sale


Wine enhancing music.... light, mellow, exciting, zingy, smooth, refreshing, engaging and adventurous.


Art Four Sale can be best described as "entertaining background music". Their music is centered around the intricate acoustic guitar playing of Paul Buono and Steve Savage, supported by the signature rhythm section of Dougie Keebler (Bass) and Ryan Pruitt (Percussion/Drums). Their sound is enhanced throughout their performances by additional instruments such as the mandolin, accordion, and vocals. Together, these four musical talents perform all original compositions ranging from melodic, instrumental pieces, to simple, lyrical folk songs. The musicianship, camaraderie and atmosphere they naturally create stems from playing music together, in some form, for over ten years. This experience allows them the freedom to transcend into spontaneous, crowd pleasing jams.

Art Four Sale music provides the perfect ambience for private and seasonal parties, corporate events, fundraisers, cafes and wineries (they are regular performers at the Arrington Vineyards, a local winery in Arrington, Tennessee). Their artistic form of entertainment provides a unique and inviting experience tailored to set the perfect 'vibe'.


Live Sessions: September 08
Live Sesions: October 08
Red & White (Spring 2009)

Set List

Set list range up to 5 hours of a mix original compositions and spontaneous live sessions.