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Art From The Ruin

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"Where potential and art meet."

There are very few instances in a person's life where they come across a band that instantly makes them connect. Art From The Ruin, for me, is one of those gems that send shivers of knowing that they are something different, something above and beyond the average indie band. The pull and tug between Stephanie's haunting vocals and Jacob's guitar riffs create an emotional vortex that you can't help but be pulled into. This is music at it's rawest, where potential and art meet, and make something amazing.

Vanessa Blum
Sextant Records - Vanessa Blum - Sextant Records

"Destined for big things."

Every Art from the Ruin show I attend I look forward to hearing what enticing new songs they've written and what stories lay behind them. Art From The Ruin is destined for big things and I'll be there cheering them on the whole way there.

- Leanne Dwinnell, fan - Leanne Dwinnell - fan

"Enthralled in the escape."

So much emotion radiates a unique energy, and seeing them in action makes you feel it. Each time I see Art From The Ruin live, I notice how zombie-eyed their audience becomes, so enthralled in the escape. The world has its eyes solely on them.

-Sonia Nadkina, fan - Sonia Nadkina - fan

"Passionate about making music."

You guys really need to push this s*** to everyone and anyone, because all I can think about while listening to it, is how I wish this could make it out to more people because I think it could do some good.

I haven't heard someone so deserving to be heard as Art from the Ruin in such a long time. There's nothing so
rewarding to me as someone as passionate about making music, as I am passionate about hearing it.

- Kevin Geimer, fan - Kevin Geimer - fan

"Hooked on Art From The Ruin."

My name is Laura and I'm absolutely in awe of Art from the ruin. I came
across your demo on myspace and now I'm sooooo hooked. You guys have such a unique sound. Stephanie you have such an
incredible, pure, haunting voice.

- Laura, fan - Laura - fan


3 song demo


Feeling a bit camera shy


Art From The Ruin was officially born in late 2003, yet the concept was flowing in the blood of both members long before. Singer/lyricist/writer Stephanie Deline and guitarist/writer/producer Jacob King met in June of 2002, when their respective bands played a show together. Each was greatly impressed by the other's talents, and remained in close contact even though they lived two hours apart. One year later, armed with an overwhelming desire to participate in the booming Toronto music scene, Stephanie left her band and her hometown and made the crucial move to big city. She wanted to start up an acoustic project, and naturally Jacob was the first person she contacted. From the very first jam session, it was clear that the chemistry between Jacob and Stephanie was electric. The first Art From The Ruin song, "Running Out", was born that night. And the songs kept coming, each one with a different personality.

Stephanie's melodies and vocals are hypnotic; sometimes chilling, sometimes soaring, at other times soft and timid. With Stephanie as the focus, Jacob weaves a sound scape around her on acoustic guitar. The result is the unique and edgy sound that is Art From The Ruin. Art From The Ruin has something for any music fan: twisting, captivating guitar hooks, soul-baring lyrics, and interesting songs that are new, fresh, and different while still being listener friendly.

Live, Stephanie owns the stage, while Jacob moves and grooves along beside her. Even as a duo, they manage to fill the stage. They have received tremendous response to the powerful and evoking performances.

Art From The Ruin are currently recording a full length album, the title of which will be "Debris Made Beautiful". To tide their fans over, a three song demo is available.

Stephanie and Jacob share an intense love for the music that dwells in their minds and hearts, and this is no more apparent than in the music that is created by Art From The Ruin.