Artful Touch

Artful Touch


Played in tempos that suggest a resting heartbeat and deep yogic breathing, these original compositions maintain the intention to soothe the Body Mind Spirit, while making a lasting emotional impression on the listener's heart.


Art Lindemanis is the creator of Artful Touch Music, an original blend of acoustic and electronic New Age Ambient Mood Music. Art�s professional experience in therapeutic bodywork started over eight years ago and includes three years on the teaching staff at The New Mexico Academy Of Healing Arts. Soon after discovering massage music, he became inspired to apply his musical background towards creating original songs that could encourage the kinds of healing and deep relaxation found within therapy sessions. The experiences found within the practice of therapeutic bodywork, both on land and in water, have been a direct influence on the intentions and rhythms of Artful Touch.

Artful Touch Music is highly effective for calming children and animals, enhancing sleep, and providing a peaceful atmosphere at home and work. It is an antidote for the highly stressed, fast-paced environment many people live in. People who value consciously created, intuitively crafted art forms often appreciate Artful Touch, which is intimate, personal and mood-moving music.

The versatility of Artful Touch Music makes it an ideal choice for massage therapy, yoga practice, quiet contemplation, naptime, dinnertime, doctor�s offices, classrooms, health spas and more.

Artful Touch Music is currently playing at health centers, children's hospitals, Reiki clinics, animal shelters and massage therapy offices throughout the USA.


Ambient Dreams - Total Time 78:00 - 2006
Love With Gratitude - Total Time 74:11 - 2005
Visionaire - Total Time 71:33 - 2004
Sun And Shadow - Total Time 71:17 - 2004
Listening To Riversong - Total Time 54:45 - 2003
Sketches For Visionaire - Total Time 30:00 - 2001