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"Charles Foskett about Art Green"

“I first became aware of “Art Green” (aka Dons) when I was planning my annually trip to Cannes, France to take part in the music trade fair “Midem” – I was given his “Lights On” CD to review and my attention was immediately grabbed by his great vocal delivery – I thought this guy was a cross between Steve Tyler (Aerosmith) – Robbie Williams and also there was something there that reminded me of the halcyon days of “Jesus Christ Superstar” – As record producer I have worked with many top international artists including two Beatles (Paul and Ringo) and in this brave new quagmire of new singers (or young people with DIY CD’s in their hands fooling themselves that they are now genuine artists) it is rare that such a new talent like that of “Dons” jumps out of the speakers and truly moves you!

Long may his true vocal talent survive!

Charles A. Foskett

Record producer
- Platforma Records


Album- Dons - Lights On /Platforma Records/ 2006



Art Green (aka Dons)

1) Art is Green.

2) I do not know who is God, but he definitely knows me.

Art Green

23 year old Art Green has moved to England in order to immerse himself in the Rock and Pop culture that gave birth to Queen, his all time greatest inspiration. He especially loves Brian May’s searing guitar licks and the British humour that pervades UK pop.

Art’s last two albums produced under the name “Dons” in Latvia featured straight-up rock anthems. His career started after participating on the “Talent Factory” reality TV show when he wrote a duet for his then sweetheart Lily. The song “Just for You” stayed at N° 1 for 6 weeks winning the Best Debut award from the AKKA/LAA Copyright agency. This success was followed by more N° 1 hits and kudos such as the National Newcomer Award from Top of the Pops Magazine.

Currently in album production with Shmusicmusic Records (UK) and Veracruz Music International, Art Green is something very unique and special - His new album tentatively called “Clear White Light” is an uplifting, inspirational and very commercial product to break new musical and entertainment frontiers worldwide!!!

Art sings about things that have affected his life and recently performed the lead role in an opera with an anti-heroin message.

“I’ve never tried drugs because I’ve seen what they can do. My best friend died of a heroin overdose. It was a horrible experience and inspired my role as the guy who tries to save the (on stage) love of his life from drugs - I researched anti-drug initiatives and happened on the “Live-In World” anti-heroin project, the brainchild of Shmusicmusic CEO Charles Foskett in the 1980’s.”

The title track “Clear White Light” is a rousing rendition of the classic tune by 1970’s British band Lindisfarne, a hand-clapping pop anthem while “The Homecoming” is an uplifting ballad about a lost soldier returning from war (the perfect Hollywood movie soundtrack); it was built on the first melody Art Green wrote on his piano when he was 17. “This is My Time” is an inspirational pop anthem about fighting your corner, winning the game for yourself and letting people know it. “Goodbye Guy” tells the story of a young man who can’t stick with a relationship because he needs to keep moving. This album is full of real gems, classic song writing at it’s best!!

1) Best Artists in Latvian Airplay Chart, 2006 - No2
2) Best Artists in Latvian Airplay Chart, 2007 - No 3
3) Latvian Airplay Top 500 of 2007 - No 1,
4) Nominee of the Latvian Music Award 2004
5) Nominee of the Latvian Music Award 2006