Art Heckman

Art Heckman


Art Heckman's music has a raw and authentic feel with anthems of hope and faith. He has had inspiration from artists like Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Phil Wickham, Delirious, Chris Tomlin and Paul Baloche.


Art Heckman is a song writer with a desire to encourage people to persevere no matter what they are facing. He began leading worship roughly 13 years ago and is now serving in the local church. He believes that music is a powerful tool that allows us to process our fears and struggles as well as express our gratitude and trust in God. His hope is that people can connect with the themes of his songs as they are simply prayers.


All I Am (I Surrender)

Written By: Art Heckman, Jason Bendickson

I will trust You with my heart
I will trust You with my love
I give You everything
This heart can bring
I will worship You my King

I will praise You with my mind
I will praise You with my soul
With every word
And every breath I breathe
I will worship You my King

I surrender, I surrender
All I am to you
I surrender, I surrender
Everything to You

Through the storm, through the rain
Every joy, every pain


Written By: Art Heckman

V 1
I give You all I have to give
My hopes, my dreams, uncertainty
I will trust you with my life
With my life

And my song will resound
I sing of Your great love
In surrender, lift you up
Lift you up

Pre- Chorus
Now here I am
Standing face to face
I fall to my knees, offer all of me

I'm incomplete without Youe love
Lost at sea without Your love
I'd crawl I'd bleed
Just to find you once again

All I need is just a glimpse
Of Your overwhelming beauty
And feel your presence in my life
In my life

I'd sacrifice my very being
For just a taste of Your glory
I will run into Your arms
To Your arms


Not Alone

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