Arthur In Colour

Arthur In Colour



Arthur In Colour are a new London-based five-piece who have spent the last few months gigging around the pubs and bars of London. Their music has, in the past, been compared to The Magnetic Fields, Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead and The Beatles.

They are led by Arthur Sharpe, who is a singer-songwriter who also writes soundtracks for films, most notably the BAFTA-nominated 'Black Pond'.

Malatrophy EP is their debut EP released as a limited edition hard copy with exclusive artwork on 09/11/2012 and as a digital download on bandcamp on 13/11/2012. It was given an 8/10 by Neon Filler.


Malatrophy EP - 09/11/2012 (physical release)
- 13/11/2012 (digital release)

Two songs from Malatrophy EP ('The Ghost of the Town' and 'One in a Million') have received airtime on the radio show The Listening Post, a sister show to Steve Muscutt's online magazine Music Muso.