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Arthur Kall

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Alternative Acoustic


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"Introducing Arthur Kall - 8/ 10"

Introducing Arthur Kall
October 28th, 2009 - Written by stevek

Arthur Kall: Notes in Neon

Arthur Kall, a singer-songwriter from here in Montreal, is one of many very talented Montreal musicians who participated in last year’s CONFRONT Presents benefit concert; and most of us who were at the show have been eagerly awaiting the release of this album, especially after his understated yet powerful live set.

For ‘Notes in Neon’, a collection of nine of Kall’s songs, Kall relies heavily on folksy, acoustic guitar, R&B flavoured Blues, mellow vocals and soft, smooth tones. This is a velvety album, with a nice, slow vibe.

Best of the lot is ‘Jealousy’, a clever and beautiful ballad that has already become Kall’s “signature” piece. Arthur’s style is, as mentioned earlier, rooted in singer-songwriter folk Rock, and when his music reflects this, he is at his best. However there are a couple of unfortunate song choices on the album; namely “Giving Up” in which some Techno-Pop vocal modulations are used and the closing track, “Can’t Stop”, which features Underground Reloaded who provides some Hip-Hop backing. The two songs are still capably written and performed, however, the added production is too incongruous with the rest of the album.

That said, these flaws are minor given the caliber of the material on this debut. It is clear that we can expect to hear a lot more of Arthur Kall. Hopefully you won’t wait until everyone else gets on the bandwagon, and you’ll look for his debut CD when it drops.

Arthur Kall: Notes in Neon

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"On this week's cover... FEATURE Arthur Kall Notes in Neon"

On this week's cover...


Arthur Kall

Notes in Neon

by Sandy Graham

Although born in Edmonton, Alberta, Arthur Kall moved to Montreal, Quebec as a young lad, and considers himself a Quebecer, both in spirit and birthplace. “ I love Montreal, it is a wonderful place and full of energy. In these current times you can live anywhere and promote your music, so staying here is good for me right now.”

With the release of his new indie CD, ‘Notes In Neon’, Kall is focused on the next few months, gearing up to pick the single and promote his live tours. “ In general, the industry has changed. You can still achieve your goals, it is not impossible, it just is a little different than the years before, it is a bit easier for the indie labels to promote themselves. I feel it is important for me to tour, and back up my CD sales by connecting with my audience. After several years of writing, recording and touring as a guitarist in bands; I eventually found my place as a solo artist. There had always been a part of me that loved singing and writing songs about things in the world, or my life that I felt strongly about – I am singer/songwriter. It is my passion.”

For the past two years, Kall fine tuned his songs and worked on what he would do for his first solo CD release. “All my songs are different and all my songs come from a real place; I see beauty and coolness in all genres, tempos and textures of music,” Kall explains. “ ‘Sunshine Girl’ is my acoustic sound, the one I feel gives my type of music its identity. ‘Young & Alive’ is co-written with Josh (Bigwig). Josh is a really talented guitarist, performer and writer. He is also from the U.S. so it gives it what I feel is that American flavor.”

The CD captures the strong vocal talents of this singer/songwriter, who also went out on a limb with one song ‘Giving Up’, which has a military style drum intro, vocal tricks and electro-pop production. ‘Sometimes you go out on a limb for a song’ Kall reflects, “Some fans tell me they love it, some don’t like it all. I just wanted to try something unusual and I think we captured that.”

‘Jealousy’ is an absolutely brilliant recording, that captures the raw essence of human emotion, and pushes this singer to his top of his game in vocals. “ We aren’t sure if that will be the single release. I am in negotiations right now with a distributor, and will know more in the new year if that is the direction we are going. I feel that song is the most transparent on my CD, as it bares my own emotions” Kall says quietly.

For the past two years, Arthur Kall has had the opportunity of being on Canadian Idol, opening for signed acts, touring recording an album and what he says “meeting awesome people along the way”. In closing this unique artist says, “If you enjoy, relate to, or feel something from my music; I'd like to thank you for being part of this, you make it that much bigger... “

The musical future of this Montreal native should be watched closely. Canada won’t be able to keep him a secret for very long. Cashbox Canada is going to follow him while he climbs the charts.

Ce natif de Montréal, Quebec Arthur Kall avec le noveau CD Notes In Neon – surveillez les articles à l'avenir dans Cashbox Canada dans la novelle année.

For further information log on to : - Cashbox Magazine Canada


(Independent) - MAPL / SOCAN
Available on iTunes / CD Baby

1. Young and Alive
2. Giving Up
3. Grow Up
4. Lost Coast
5. Sunshine Girl
6. Driving Me Crazy
7. Jealousy
8. Walking Away
9. Can’t Stop featuring
Underground Realroad



"‘Jealousy’ is an absolutely brilliant recording, that captures the raw essence of human emotion, and pushes this singer to his top of his game." - CashBox Magazine Canada

“If you're a fan Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz or John Mayer, you'll love the sound of this talented local musician. With a rich acoustic sound and a seemingly effortless voice, Arthur Kall weaves music and lyrics together with compelling artistry.” - CJIM Online Montreal’s Real Rock Station

"This is a velvety album, with a nice, slow vibe. Best of the lot is ‘Jealousy’, a clever and beautiful ballad that has already become Kall’s “signature” piece." 8/10 - Confront Magazine

"Great, original voice and songs..."(Montreal Music

"The lead track "Young and Alive" is an up tempo guitar number, boasting a highly infectious hook." - TO Snob's Music

"Kall can sing and there's no denying it." - McGill Tribune

“The man can sing! “Driving Me Crazy” …without doubt this is the song that will have audiences waving lighters and cell phones when he plays live.” - Rover Arts

“If you like the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer’s blues tinged acoustic pop, you will like Montreal singer / songwriter Arthur Kall. His debut Cd, ‘Notes In Neon’ features some catchy hooks…it is a nice, relaxing mellow listen.” – L.A.Beat

Presenting his debut release 'Notes In Neon', Montreal native Arthur Kall, showcases his vast song writing capabilities and overall, innovative musical talent. Synchronizing fine-tuned melodies with memorable rhythms and unrivalled vocal tone; Kall has been garnering the attention of critics. To no surprise as the unique collection of acoustic, pop-rock tracks offers listeners many unforgettable anthems such as: 'Young & Alive', 'Grow Up', 'Driving Me Crazy' and a collaboration with Underground Realroad entitled, 'Can’t Stop.'

His new solo debut album was co-produced by Richard Vincent of Red Rhino Recordings, and there was additional collaboration with Josh Ferrel (Ex Guitarist of Big Wig) and Underground Realroad. The seasoned musician is ready to take the stage. In prior musical endeavours, he has had opportunities to open for acts such as Simple Plan, Mobile, Idle Sons, Reset and many more.

Kall has toured extensively performing in Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Long Island and of course, his home province of Quebec. On top of it all, a firm believer in using his time and talent to give back to the community; Kall supported the Musicians Against Parkinson’s (MAP), where he worked closely with founder Robbie Tucker to set up events which raised funds for the cause.

Festivals / Shared Stage
• Simple Plan
• Mobile
• Idle Sons
• Reset
• Psychotic 4

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• Annabelle Cosmetics - Promotional

• Facebook Group – Arthur Kall

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