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The best kept secret in music


"Toronto Weekly"

"A rock masterpiece." - n/a

"WNEW 102.7"

"...Arthur Kill has a great mix of crunch and melody, Great sounding stuff and a great live show. NYC's best kept secret..." - Ed Trunk, 'Saturday Night Rock Show'

" - San Francisco, CA."

"Billing itself as nothing less than "the personification of rock music heading into the new millennium," this quartet delivers marketing-friendly, guitar-driven songs that carry the spirit of Rock 'n' Roll into the post-alternative era." - Will York


Full-length CD: Addiction - 2003
-"It's No Good" getting FM radio airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Spawned from the depths of Staten Island, New York, a place best known for the biggest garbage dump on the East Coast, and a pit stop between the bright lights of the Big City and the Jersey Shore, Arthur Kill has risen to become one of New York City?s best kept little secrets.

Originated by lead singer Ken Munson, Arthur Kill has patiently awaited an opportunity to deliver their sound to the world. With this latest CD, Addiction, they believe their time has come. ?It is a perfect time for us right now; the rock scene is flourishing again and our style and sound is just what the doctor ordered,? says Munson.

Besides Munson (26), Arthur Kill consists of Rob Petillo (28) on drums, Mike Petillo (26) on guitar, Rob Kudyba (30) on guitar, and Jon Feirman (25) on bass. The chemistry of the band is the glue that holds them together, with the Petillo?s being brothers and first cousins? to Munson. As Rob Petillo says, ?We are kind of stuck with eachother. I don?t think anyone else would put up with us ? but we have to. As they say, you can pick your friends but not your relatives.?

The new CD, Addiction, was released in stores August 2003, featuring the first single ?It?s No Good,? a grinding hard rock version of a great Depeche Mode classic. It consists of ten songs that jump out at you and claw at your skin. The lyrics are in your face, the guitars are huge, and the sound is monstrous. Current events and life experiences inspire their lyrics. Mixed into all of this are melodies that draw the listener in to each song. The choruses explode in your face with hooks that keep you singing. Just when you think you have heard their best song, they hit you with another.

?Our main focus was to create something that was a perfect representation of where we are today in our lives, so it was important to me to write lyrics that were intense, meaningful, and saying something. We wanted this to be big, powerful and nasty. Rock music, when it is good, should be angry and sometimes healing, and I think this is what this record is,? states Munson. ?Music is one of the most important things the world can give you. It gets embedded in memory and brings you back to the moment in time you first heard it. It ties all cultures together. Children in China and New York can listen to the same piece and be brought together,? he affirms. What would the world be without music? Munson can?t even fathom it. Music is in his waking and sleeping thoughts. ?You can?t run from this dream,? he muses.

When you listen to this CD you will hear an original sound, something that no one else is doing. ?We have so many different influences, from U2, The Police, Springsteen, to bands like Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, even Metallica, that I don?t think you can say we sound like one thing. We just want to make great music,? says Rob Kudyba.

The other thing that ingrains this band in an audience?s memory is its live show. Arthur Kill propels its music into the crowd and pummels them with lightening bolts of energy. Just read some of the quotes about their performance skills: Bea Flatte, Aquarian Magazine ? ?I am not a huge fan of East Coast rock ?n roll, so I was taken aback when I walked away impressed as hell. What impressed me the most about Arthur Kill was their performance skills, they really know how to create a stir with the audience.? Ed Trunk, former DJ at 102.7 WNEW NY, currently at Q104.3, ?Arthur Kill has a great mix of crunch and melody and a great live show. They really work hard on stage.? Their objective every night is to peel the paint off the walls and then soothe your soul. There is a little bit of good versus evil in their performance and it makes for an interesting contrast on stage. Most of this stir is caused by front man Munson, the consummate performer, staying in constant motion and burning tons of energy on stage. ?It is important to me that the crowd feels like they were just entertained ? that means I am doing my job?, says Kenny.

Arthur Kill will be taking their show out on the road in 2003, touring America and Europe as well, giving everyone else a chance to see what NYC already knows ? AK is for real. So look for them this year at renowned rock venues around the world, and listen for their new CD, Addiction, as it pervades the country on rock radio.