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"Addiction, is rock 'n' roll in its most unadulterated form."

With so many great new bands emerging from the East Coast, it amazes me that any of them get the exposure they truly deserve. Arthurkill is one such group of new talent that has erupted onto the scene and their debut LP, Addiction, is rock 'n' roll in its most unadulterated form.

First let me emphasize that Arthurkill doesn't have to rely on trendy progressions, saturated effects or ripping guitar solos to make their music work. Their style is a blend of untainted rock rhythms, grass-roots personalities and just a touch of pop, which makes for a great collection of catchy tunes with lots of gravity.

The whole album is a good listen, but the track that affected me most was a cover of Depeche Mode's "It's No Good." Arthurkill's version has been punched up and industrialized. In fact, it took me a couple of listens to figure out where I'd heard it before, which is a real credit to the band. The rest of Addiction is equally as engaging. Songs like "Down" and "Closer To Free" really show Arthurkill's ability to write music that catches your attention on many levels ... and Ken Munson's vocals bring a lot of power and melody to an already great group of musicians.

Overall I was totally impressed with Addiction. The album lives up to its title ... I give it a spin at least once a day and it still hasn't gotten old!

Recommended trax: "It's No Good," "Down," "Closer To Free"
Reviewer: John Foxworthy / Score: 4Stars / May 2005
- John


Wow, you mean there are other bands out there doing music besides EMO and Hardcore.Not to mention that these guys that these guys are one of the best hard rock bands I think I've heard in a long time. Who am I talking about? None other than NY's own ArthurKill. This five piece band has restored my faith back into the hard rock genre and has proven to me that after the EMO fad subsides, hard rock once again will be on top-undoubtedly led by ArthurKill, whose catchy and energetic array of music and performance have taken the area by storm. After hearing a few cuts from their old record 'Addiction' , there is no question that this band is destined for greatness.If their new album is half as good as 'Addiction', I think we'll be seeing some great things happening for ArthurKill.You definitely want to check this band out online at and and hear for yourself what rock sounds like at it's finest.
Peter Kakouriotis / The Aquarian Weekly /
- Peter Kakouriotis / The Aquarian Weekly

""Kick Ass""

"They kick ass and people need to hear them. I’ll continue playing the band for months. Arthurkill are top quality material and I’ve become a fan in a very short time."
Les Lewellyn
- Les Lewellyn / Pirate Radio-Preying Lizard Music

"ArthurKill - Addiction"

ARTHUR KILL – ADDICTION: Arthur Kill is a five man band based out of Staten Island, New York. Ken Munson is the commanding lead vocalist and main songwriter for Arthur Kill. He pens bold songs about current events and life experiences. Arthur Kill's heavy sound is powered by two guitars and a strong rhythm section. They cite a broad range of influences including U2 and Pearl Jam yet their music is original – blending alternative, modern rock with a metal/punk attitude. Addiction is their debut CD that includes ten tracks and a video. Their songs are often hard driving but there are some mid tempo melodic songs mixed in for diversity. 'Open Your Mind' is the high-octane opener that races on an intense pace propelled by the bass, drums and guitars. Ken's vocals are fast and furious. 'Its No Good' is a rocking, innovative cover of the Depeche Mode classic complete with subtle, spacey sounds. 'Closer To Free' has a lighter rhythm that is catchy and Munson's vocals are clear and concise. Arthur Kill will hook you with their crunchy, hard rocking music and Addiction will have you coming back for more!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,2,5) [USA/NY 2004 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for
- Laura Turner Lynch

"ArthurKill Rocks!"

Arthurkill is so great, really one of my favourite releases for the
last months...Keep an eye on them, they can make it all the way to the
top! They have energy, anger but above all....great compositions.
A&R guys are going to love them!
Billy Infantis / Skylight Ezine /
- Billy Infantis / Skylight Ezine

"ArthurKill Signs to Indie On Top Records Inc."

Addiction, consists of ten songs that jump out at you and claw at your skin. The lyrics are in your face, the guitars are huge, and the sound is monstrous. Mixed into all of this are melodies that draw the listener in to each song. The choruses explode in your face with hooks that keep you singing. Just when you think you have heard their best song, they hit you with another. (2005)
- Rich Lynch /

"NYC's Best Kept Secret"

"...Arthur Kill has a great mix of crunch and melody,
Great sounding stuff and a great live show. NYC's best kept secret..."
Ed Trunk - Ed Trunk Q104.3 and XM Satelite Radio DJ

" Review"

"Like chocolate or potato chips, you can’t listen to 'Addiction' just once." - Maria Melioumi /


And the forthcoming album
"The Pain"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Spawned from the depths of Staten Island, New York, a pit stop between the bright lights of the big city and the Jersey Shore, ArthurKill has risen to become one of New York City's hottest little secrets.
Named for the East Coast's largest garbage dump (5 square miles), the Arthur Kill landfill, this seasoned group was originated by lead singer and Staten Island native, Ken Munson. Besides Munson,
ArthurKill consists of brothers Rob and Mike Petillo on drums and guitar, Jon Feirman on bass and the addition of Guitar Legend Steve Maranavich on lead. The chemistry of the band is the bond that holds them together, with the Petillo's being first cousins' to Munson. As Rob Petillo says, "We are kind of stuck with each other. I don't think anyone else would put up with us - but we have to. As they say, you can pick your bandmates but not your relatives".
Being influenced by such a diverse group of influences from U2 to Disturbed to Bruce Springsteen and Metallica, ArhurKill forms their own sound so in the end their sound is unlike any one else. "Our focus is not to try to reinvent the wheel lets just make great music and go from there," Explains Petillo.