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"Article A/ Blender Theater @ Gramercy/Jan. 31"

NEW YORK, NY--- Someone out there genuinely believes in New Jersey's Article A. With their debut album out March 18 on 785 Records, they were invited to open for The Click Five (you know, that catchy "She's just the girl I'm looking for..." song?) on the Lower East Side at Blender Theater@Gramercy. The stage lighting was fit for Madison Square Garden, and the band's playing catered to that idea as well.

I have never seen Article A before, and had only heard a few of their songs, so I hoped for the best. They are a powerful, energetic and entertaining live band, with consistently catchy pop-rock songs. Though their music is definitely part of an already existing brand, they make it very much their own, and let it appeal to music fans of all creeds and ages.

Singer Christian LaGrotteria, bassist Joe Haight, guitarist Gary Kramer and drummer Evan Gallipoli know how to interact and play with each other, making the show seem as if it was over in the blink of an eye. They also greatly enjoyed interacting with their audience and making them a part of the action. Sometimes Kramer would stand on a monitor or step one foot onto the barricade, leaning into the audience as he played, while LaGrotteria stood at the edge of the stage and sang to them.

During "Dedication" the handsome front man invited their most energetic fans to join them on stage with their handmade signs and cameras--so that they could take the photos of the band--which I've heard is a normal occurrence at their shows. The chosen group of ladies, ranging from an average age of 9 to maybe 20, were elated; feeling like rock star photographers for the night (without all the hard work).

The quartet also played more songs off of their impending album, including "What's The Point" and an animated cover of INXS' famous hit "Don't Change." Toward the end of their set, with only 30 seconds left to go, they ended the night with DJ Clue's "Let Me Clear My Throat," as the audience waved their hands and sang along.

- Aquarian Weekly (by Olivia Taubner)


Stay Now - released: March 18, 2008

What's the Point
My Dedication
When You're Gone
Don't Change
Find A Way
Oh Yeah
Catch Me
My Way Back
Stay Now
Goodnight Goodbye



A quartet of dedicated rockers, Article A is primed to make their big splash with the debut album Stay Now. Hailing from North Jersey, the band has grown from a local band, who earned their stripes performing around their hometowns, to a true touring band. Their unique blend of power-pop and alternative rock has garnered interest in the industry since their inception in 2000.

Heavily rooted in Jersey, childhood friends Christian LaGrotteria (vox) and Joe Haight (bass) formed Article A out of a mutual appreciation for music. Later adding Evan Gallipoli (drums) and Gary Kramer (guitar), the band went to work, playing whenever and wherever they could. Soon, the band�s hard work and dedication paid off as they landed a soundtrack placement, had a number one video on satellite music channel TVU and played four major festivals. Finally, the icing on the cake came when the band signed a record deal with songwriter Denise Rich�s independent label 785 Records.

In 2006, Article A joined the 785 family and began the journey that would lead to a truly incredible first album. The band spent much of the next two years writing, recording and practicing. They recorded Stay Now last fall at New Jersey�s Water Music with engineer/mixer David Thoener (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen) and producers PJ Bianco and Mark Eichner. �We are proud to have Article A as our first full-length release on 785,� Eichner states, who is also the President of 785 Records. �I sincerely believe in this band and their debut album is a true example of our dedication to artist development.�

With a live show that is short of comparisons and songs abundant in solid rock hooks, it is easy to see how Article A engage their audience and leave them wanting more. �As a band, we love connecting with people when we�re in front of a crowded club or talking to a fan outside a venue. It�s definitely not money or notoriety that gives us purpose, but creating that connection that justifies us being able to do what we do,� says Kramer.

Look for Article A on tour this summer and for Stay Now in stores NOW!