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A slick combination of interactive theater and urban poetics, ARTiculation is a poetry-slam turned performance piece; an autopsy of life, love, youth, religion and art using spoken-word poetry, improvisation and a hard hitting hip-hop beat.


ARTiculation follows six young poets as they share their amazing love for this art form and the world it has created for them. A unique exploration of the relationship between classical theater and underground performance poetry, ARTiculation pulls you into an artistic revolution built on urban poetics and dynamic live theatre. Since its premiere at the Boston Center for the Arts in August of 2005, ARTiculation has been touring to colleges and high schools across the east coast. All of our members are up and coming artists in their late teens and early twenties.



Written By: ARTiculation

As the lights start to come up, three of the poets, DANNY, TERRI and TORY come on and start the following piece.
DANNY: I fight for
ALL: Freedom
DANNY: cuz the people around here
ALL: Need some
DANNY: And although the chains appear
ALL: Broken
DANNY: and the emotions seem
TERRI: Nothing is at it seems. I don’t know anyone living in the American dream. The only dreams that I’ve seen have been
DANNY: shattered on the pavement screaming
DANNY: let me be something anything doctor janitor lawyer
ALL: Just don’t shatter me on the pavement…
DANNY: but then again
TERRI: nothing is as it seems. And its so easy to blame the bottom welfare checks caught stallin drug addicts put away for trying to make it through the work day working for those
BOTH: high paid praised prescription poppers
TERRI: marital friction stoppers. It’s so easy to blame the bottom for being the
ALL: lowest class lowest denominator low
DANNY: Or we could blame the middle- for being so apathetic pathetic unsympathetic suburban herd that moves in a pack but the blame comes back like a heart attack if the middle paid more attention didn’t care so much about their pension and dare I mention
DANNY: They try to come off as physically
ALL: equal
DANNY: racially
ALL: equal
DANNY: sexually
ALL: equal
DANNY: But we all know better
ALL: the girl looks better the tighter the sweater
DANNY: The Asian man slants his face
TERRI: the Jews money takes up space
TORY: the black man knows his place
TERRI: and the gay man has fallen from grace
BOTH: And I’m running out of freedom to fight for
DANNY: We all need more than some right?
TERRI: Right.
TORY: So let’s blame the uppers seems to be the way to be
Blame those financially fat fat cats suffering heart attacks and broken backs from carrying all their money at the same time let us rise up and take back what is rightfully ours what is rightfully
ALL: mine…all mine
TORY: from gold mines
ALL: to adolescent minds and I’m running out of freedom to fight for.
DANNY: except for those that fight for freedom
ALL: (stomping and clapping): Freedom fighters beacon lighters rabble rousers world powers hope growers word throwers
TORY: We fight the good fight, With pen
ALL: in hand
TORY: and words
ALL: in mouth
TORY: and beat
ALL: in feet
TORY: and movement
ALL: in body
TORY: and freedom in mind…
DANNY: but this freedom can’t fight for itself, so we write for it,
TORY: incite for it
DANNY: light lights for it
TORY: throw fits for it
TERRI: spend nights with it. We are beat we are movement we are
BOTH: harmony
DANNY: But this freedom can’t fight for itself
So let us fight for
ALL: freedom
DANNY: cuz the people around here
ALL: need some.

Dear London

Written By: ARTiculation

DANNY: dear london
dear london i tried sending you a love letter but it came back cremated
dear london i am no longer impressed by death tools it is hard to be
sorry and jaded
dear london when we set you on fire it felt like raping silk
dear london please come home there are no more band aids i fear you
will scrape your knees and not know who to blame
dear london i'm sorry i cheated on you
OMAR: dear madrid i've forgotten how many died in your womb
dear madrid you never told me you were expecting until the fire raged
through our children we can not make love like we used to
dear madrid your scarred uterus can be fertile again just kiss me love
me lust me keep your head down the body count still has not come
NIK: dear Baghdad, I tried sending you a love letter, but you thought it was a bomb so you sent it back with no return address.
Dear Baghdad, corpses strapped with explosives make love to you better
than i ever could
dear baghdad pray like you never have before
dear baghdad boom i love you boom i love you boom
KARLA: dear afghanistan you started this you did without you none of this
would have happened now no one will want me
dear afghanistan did it hurt when you fell from heaven
dear afghanistan my blood tastes better than yours ever will
see what you've gone and made me say
DANNY: dear twin towers please come home people have been taking your name in
dear twin towers did it hurt as much as the cameras said it did
dear twin towers i'm sorry i never should have kisses any lips but
yours you know how i get when the world is watching
TORY: dear new orleans i remember when you used to be priceless
dear new orleans we now know how to put the fear of man into god
dear new orleans dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
go on, it wouldn't be the first time and it sure as hell won't be the
TERRI: Dear israel, I am scared young boy with rock in hand, I am man’s misinterpretation, I am every exception to every expectation, I am like you a model of sacred imperfection. Dear Israel I am afraid to continue to follow in your shadow turning a blind eye to the blind, we are too fragile for this. Dear Israel, the body count headline told me you wanted an easy way out. I can think of none easier than myself. Dear Israel, G-D may no longer be coming Home, he has nowhere left to go.
DANNY: dear everyone there is blood in the air every time we kiss
dear everyone kiss me like you mean it the next time i leave i won't be
coming back
dear everyone i tried writing you all love letters but no one could
agree on the font or the type or the wording
so i wrote
dear everyone
ALL: boom
love danny

Love Sucks

Written By: ARTiculation

NIK: Love sucks. Every day I awake and (breathe) intake breaths of sweet smelling blissful death, knowing all to well that those breaths are in fact killing me…but I don’t care, you see. Love with her is like that. It’s a double edged sword, for better or worse; _ the blessing, _ the curse. It’s like being forced to-piece by piece-consume your dead grandmother’s corpse…but it’s cherry flavored. I walk blindly, bat in the day, through the fray “I love you!” I say, “It’s okay!” Just yesterday, my beloved looked me in the eye and for relief of lies called me a stuck up, pretentious asshole, and giggled. Why is that okay with me? Relationships shouldn’t be an emotional sacrifice! I shoulda been gone like Vanilla Ice, but no, I stuck there lookin’ like a doofus, perfect proof that love is not a game of emotional game, but a game of pure ANNIHILATION!
See, I have a new theory. To be in love, you have to be a masochist, because I’m in love, and I love that feeling where she vows to never talk to me again. She could shoot me point blank in the head, and I’d say “I like that! Next time use the magnum instead!” She could stab me in the side, piss on my pride, and leave me bound and tied in the desert for weeks! All she’d have to do is run her hand across my cheek. She could eat my heart, fill me up with that sucky sense of immense romance and dense thoughts and text messages at 2 am and break ups that take way too much time to mend and I love her, but I don’t wanna see her again! And oh, she can make me bend till I break my back to muster up enough money to take us both out to the mediocre midnight movie, or just enough courage to meet her crazy ass parents. Screw the Tunnel of Love, she got me running on the Treadmill of Endurance, where the floors are sticky, the walls are icky, and there’s a big ass TV screen in front of me playing 24 hours of Tony Danza! Zoom, there goes my self confidence, and zoom, there goes my free time and oh, we left my comfort zone about 20 miles ago! I can’t explain it, can’t define it, but it defines me confines me refines me into what it wants me to be through all this pain and strife, sweet as sugar, but bitter as life because my life is pain now! Confusion and delusion shaking hands over my coffin! Misunderstanding and exhaustion, I see them way too often! The noose is getting tighter, the stars are getting brighter and my feet are getting lighter, and I am so scared of what we have…because I woke up this morning and realized that I had let you in deeper then anyone else. That’s love…for better or worse. _ blessing, _ curse. I love you. And that fear that I have…it’s cherry flavored.

Set List

Typically we offer a 45 min. and a 90 min. show. But since ARTiculation is a combination of different poetry pieces but we can perform 10-20 min sets as well.