Artie Tobia

Artie Tobia

 New Rochelle, New York, USA

"Artie Tobia has mastered the art of writing three-chord American Rock. John Fogerty and Mellencamp got nothing on this boy. Singing in a big, bold baritone, Tobia revels us with tales of love, heartbreak, tragedy, redemption, and just plain old humor!"
~ Working Man Musician Sept. 2016


Artie Tobia has been enjoying the last 18 months of his musical ride. His fourth Cd Aberdeen was well received  and has enjoyed quite a bit of success after its release in the summer of 2015.

  • #13 on AAA/AMA APD Chart 
  • #15 on the FAR Chart 
  • Alternate Root 66 Chart
  • Top Ten Song of the Week Alternate Root Magazine
  • Track of the Week Troubadour Show
  • CD of the month Pick Thomas Greener KVMR Los Angeles. 
  • "..his best cd Yet." Jim Clarke Lee County Courier Tupelo, MS                                                Some highlights for 2015 - 16 thus far he has shared the stage with 
  • The Sub Dudes 
  • Country legend Tanya Tucker 
  • 6 time Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Dr.John 
  • Classic rock icons Kansas 
  • Starship
  • Headlining at BBKing's NYC (with a fall return scheduled)                                   

Artie has also supported blues great Kenny Wayne Shepherd, songwriting legend Chip Taylor and American Idol Winner David Cooke.

A true Americana Artist the band creates contemporary music that draws from a variety of American music styles, including roots-rock, folk, blues and country, resulting in their own brand of Americana, appealing to music fans of all ages and gender. 

" slipping on a pair of your favorite old blue jeans. Warm, comfortable... just right."

True foot soldiers in the trenches they have benefited from national exposure on FUSEtv, jango music, pandora radio, i tunes, spotify, rhapsody and many others. This along with their powerful and fun shows has enabled them to grow their fan base and add to their reputation across the U.S.

Performing nearly 200 shows a year with either his band, in a duo or a solo shows.ATB performs at clubs, festivals, songwriter shows, house concerts, community and charity events.

Just as important as the music, Artie and his band are easy to work with on and off the stage.

Top 12 downloads
Moonlight, Crazy Mary, Time We Spent In Memphis, Cold Winter's Day, Wanna Be Free , Vagabond, What Do I See, Cross the River, Saddest of Tattoos,Still In the Way, Trouble Always Has a Way to Find You and $50 Dollar Bill


Cold Winter's Day

Written By: Artie Tobia

A Cold Winter’s Day

I love the way you make me feel on a cold winter’s day
How you can take me to a place far far away
In my mind and in my time
smiles and sunshine
A breezy walks that feel so good
And give us time to talk

That’s the way you make me feel… On a Cold Winter’s Day

I don’t need a lover’s nest or fireside chats
When I am with you baby home is where I am at
Thinking about days burning bright
Blue Blue sky and your soulshine

I know we can only stay together for so long
You have to go I have to go
We must sing a farewell song

When we say goodbye there’ll be no tear drops in our eyes
We know we will find each other with laughter in our eyes….

On a Cold Winter’s Day

I hope you understand
I wonder do you feel the same.
You don’t have to answer
I don’t need to know anyway
Just know you makemy fire burn and help to keep me warm inside

Mercy Wright

Written By: Artie Tobia

Mercy Wright – on The Parade (Blue Knuckles Music©2001) Red Tail Hawk Records
Mercy Wright Mercy Wright oh I need you tonight
Lord won’t have a little mercy
on poor old Mercy Wright
I got a call from San Antonio it was a woman in a fight
Said that she was calling needed a little Jesus in her life
Seems she had some trouble with her body and her soul
wants someone to reach out and touch her Salvation was her goal
Mercy Wright Mercy Wright oh I need you tonight
Lord won’t have a little mercy
On poor old Mercy Wright
As she spoke her words I heard her voice begin to crack
she paused for a moment trying to fight her tears back.
You could tell that her life had been filled up with pain
I heard they put her away one time does that make old Mercy insane
Mercy Wright Mercy Wright oh I need you tonight
Lord won’t have a little mercy
On poor old Mercy Wright
Then she pulled her thoughts away from her pain .
Tried to steer herself out of the dark clouds and rain
She was running from the devil who was dangling his noose
She turned toward the future the blue skies of hope gave her a boost
Mercy Wright Mercy Wright oh I need you tonight
Lord won’t have a little mercy
On poor old Mercy Wright


Currently in the studio working on a fourth cd with a 2014 release expected.

Trouble Always Has A Way to Find You
featured in the Award Winning short film; The North End
Artie Tobia ~ 5 O'Clock Shadow ~ Still in the Way
Best of 2007"..Bill Graham would have loved them."
Time We Spent in Memphis
Listed in the Memphis Rock and Soul Museum
Chase The Sun can be heard on Pandora Radio
Faces of War (Ballad Of Johnny Garcia) (unreleased)
Hit #39(video performance) on Neil Young's Living w/War web site
Featured video on FUSETV month of June 2011

Chase The Sun (2006)
On Chase The Sun, Artie Tobia has penned a musical novel giving us a glimpse into the semi fictional life of the Vagabond. "In many ways (the Vagabond ) served as a surrogate for my own life."says Tobia. The story unfolds over thirteen chapters of song, taking us on a journey and delivering us through the crossroads of life. Revealing a man, with dreams, passion, romantic notions, and most importantly flawed like most us. In many ways he is every man and woman universally who are out there "searching for the sweet life. "
Enjoy the journey and never stop chasing the sun!

Produced by Peter Calo (guitarist for Carly Simon) with additional engineering by Joel Rosenblatt (drummer from SpyroGyra) it was mixed and mastered by Robert L. Smith ( David Bowie, Mariah Carey) at Sugar Box Studios
Chase The Sun, features Calo's multi instrumental work, with Mark Barden (Michael Martin Murphy and The Cox Family) on guitar, Paul Adamy (Delbert Mclinton and Rick Derringer) on bass, Rob Garcia( Sangha, Woody Allen's Dixieland Band ) on drums, Lou Bellofatto on piano and Katie Mac (Dr.John and Meatloaf) addingbackground vocals.

Listen to Chase the Sun on Pandora Radio.

Five O'Clock Shadow
Still in the Way (2005)
Artie 's second CD was released 14 years after being recorded.
The driving guitar of Tim Fitzgerald punctuates Artie's raspy blues solid vocals and is further complimented by the dynamic and tight groove of Bob "Baboom" Petti on bass and Rob Garcia on drums.
Borrowing from the many influences each member brought, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tower of Power, Allman Brothers, James Brown and an a eclectic collection of others the there seems to be something for everyone to sink their teeth into with lyrical content that is reflective of a smoldering and seductive world.

The Parade (2001)
His debut CD, ~ The Parade (Red Tail Hawk Records 2001 ), is a diverse collection of stories. A slice of Americana, (a blend of rock, folk, country and blues), drawing comparisions to Springsteen and Mellencamp, the music has "temerity and twang", according to one reviewer.

For The Parade, a band was assembled with some of New York, Nashville and Austin's finest musicians.
Mark Barden(The Cox Family and Michael Martin Murphy) along with Dennis Brown (Doug Stone, Alan Jackson),provide beautiful slide, acoustic and electric guitars. They are supported by the rhythm section of Rob Garcia (Flying Neutrinos and Woody Allan's New Orleans Band) and
Mark Andes ( Heart , Firefall ) on bass. Cindy "Crosby" Crossley adds beautiful background harmonies and vocals.
Nashville session players Tim Lusby on pedal steel, Jim Young on organ, Lisa Zanghi on piano and Alan Johnson on fiddle, round out the effort, allowing the lyrics and vocals to shine.

Set List

... below is a partial set list

Time We Spent in Memphis
Trouble Always Has A way to Find You
Mercy Wright
Fifty Dollar Bill
Faces o f War
Cross That River
What do I See
Wanna be Free
Big Bosom Lady
First He Was My Father
River of Tears
I Think I Hear My Mama Calling Me
Ballad of St Therese