Artificial Eden

Artificial Eden


acoustic folk/alternative.... reminisant of nineties chick rock


Artificial Eden is a solo artist. Although Sara plays many different musical styles, and has over the past 8 years, under Artificial Eden she is currently playing mainly acoustic folk/alternative.... reminisant of nineties chick rock.

"I love learning new musical instruments and styles. I Long to travel all over the world with my backpack&; guitar. I love taking up new hobbies, jobs, and challenges. I believe for a mind to be healthy the body must be, so i strive to strenghten myself on any level. I love learning things that blow my mind and change my reality. i have been performing for almost 8 years now. I believe that a band is only as good as it sounds live. I recently moved to minneapolis from kansas/missouri after playing shows in dc, ohio,&; wisc. i sing anything from the blues to punk . I like to think I have my own little style with the songs I sing."
- Sara Berry, Artificial Eden

An extremely talented yet humble musician Sara is interested in playing her music, being in love, fighting for our rights, living life, having a tribe and being who she is.


Self Titled - Artificial Eden (2000)
Lack of Water (2004)
Change (2004)