Artificial Flight

Artificial Flight


Although a relatively new band, Artificial Flight have been involved in music of some form from their mid teens, playing in various local bands and gigging throughout the country for years. Progressive, alternative, melodic music is our distinguishing feature.


An exceptional entity was born in 2007 following the fertilisation of a spark of creativity between a precocious drummer (Gary Morgan) and a proficient guitar player (Sean Branton). The resulting progeny later acquired both the name "Artificial Flight" and the vocal finesse of one Gary J Conlon. The trio became united under this progeny and immediately began writing and rehearsing, amplifying the potential of "Artificial Flight" in a controlled, contemplative manner. The recruitment of Jennifer Finnegan and David McEneaney completed the line-up, contributing opulent piano and steadfast bass guitar respectively. With an expansive scope of sound and the world in a compact oyster shell, "Artificial Flight" is poised and ready to intercept. The bandwagon beckons.


Debut EP - Modest War Factor - 2008

Set List

Our sets range from 25 mins to over an hour at present. We don't play covers but we're flexible about that and would happily do it if stuck or if required!!

Songs include:
Nocturnal Clavicist
Transit Of Venus
High Parade
Where I've Woken
Bright White Light
Breaking Bone
Factory City