Art I Miss and Optimus Pryme (URBAN MYTHOLOGY)

Art I Miss and Optimus Pryme (URBAN MYTHOLOGY)

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Known for projecting unique stories and perspectives over powerful and progressive production, URBAN MYTHOLOGY (ART I MISS and OPTIMUS PRYME) create a provocative fusion of hip hop, soul, punk, drum & bass and electronic music that resonates within the hearts and souls of music fans worldwide.


Known for projecting unique stories and perspectives over powerful and progressive production, URBAN MYTHOLOGY refines and defines their style of hip hop with a unique sound and approach towards music.

As a student of hip hop since age 6, ART I MISS, the lyricist behind URBAN MYTHOLOGY, was raised in a government housing project, alongside drug and violence epidemics that often left him feeling secluded and angry. Raised by a single mother, ART I MISS’ only escape from reality proved to lie within music. With Kenny Rogers, Sam Cook, old school R&B and Dub as his influential music foundation, the one key factor that would forever change his life and outlook; his uncle’s interest in Hip-Hop.

Inspired by legends such as Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest, ART I MISS began to acquire a use of euphemism and allusion in his writings. This would prove that def and subtle arts still have relevance in what is now considered a brash form of expression.

After many years of working in shopping malls and being constantly poisoned by mall culture, ART I MISS, who chose his name after a Star Trek character, decided it was time to move forward and start making music his #1 priority. Upon meeting OPTIMUS PRYME through a mutual friend, the duo decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that neither could pass up. Their mutual desire for self-progression through artistic expression, combined with the musical talents that both were expanding on, would soon create a sound and concept that would capture the minds and imaginations of many.

As a child, raised in a conservative town with little cultural exposure, OPTIMUS always felt that his creativity, passion for music and desire for self-discovery could not blossom in the environment he was born into. At the age of 16, OPTIMUS decided to pack his bags and pursue a fine arts degree 8,000 miles away from home, leaving behind everyone and everything he had known. It was through this journey OPTIMUS first gained exposure to Hip-Hop culture and music. Soon after, he began producing sonic compositions that fused sounds of nature, industry, and technology. These experiments would eventually allow OPTIMUS PRYME to break down any barriers and internal limitations that would effect his music production, therefore creating a truly unique and uncompromising sound.

With a growing fan base and expanding audience, URBAN MYTHOLOGY continues to spread their positive and conscious hip-hop movement to the masses. By reaching out to crowds at several notable local venues, combined with the international success experienced through, URBAN MYTHOLOGY is quickly building a broader fan base. In addition, collaboration interests have been initiated by the likes of DJ VADIM, P.O.S, UGLY DUCKLING, MAIN FLOW and THE ARSONISTS. URBAN MYTHOLOGY has found a unique opportunity to combine their experiences, knowledge and talents to create a provocative fusion of hip-hop, soul, punk, drum & bass and electronic music. Their voice resonates within the hearts and souls of music fans worldwide.


Reality T.V.

Written By: Art I Miss

A nigga killed a nigga, that must be a repeat_
As 3rd world children don't have food to eat.
But Jessica and Nick could cook meat and eat dinner_
It's a christmas special wishin the plain of life_
Would put me on another vessel to a land with no cable_
Human beings sit mindless around their room table.
Just waiting to see who's gonna fuck a millionaire_
As a child lost their arm in a civil warfare.
I swear, to get these networks plugged in_
Into the soil where the poor people livin.
Puffy's got a band that don't know Biggie's lyrics_
Ashtons' playin pranks and you know all the star's digits.
But do you know how to live?_
Besides your cellular phones does your breath even give?_
A fuck about this silly circle_
Hold on, right now I gotta pay bills, cut to commercial...

It's something you can see
I hope God is watchin me
Do you have a satellite?
Tune in tonight

"Burn Hollywood Burn", word to Chuck D_
Now MTV don't wanna play Public Enemy.
They might mute me, ban me from the radio_
But I refuse to be moved by Japeto.
I move slow, but I still move regardless_
Like a child in the ghetto who'll forever stay fatherless.
Even if that means no record sales_
I claw my way with the truth and sharp fingernails.
I wanna blow up, but I don't wanna go pop_
Instead of following the music on TV
I'll do hip hop.
'Cause these rappers on TV need to stop_
Why the shittest MC's happen to be at the top?

(HOOK) x2

Apocalyptic war crime? watch CNN_
Did Jennifer Lopez really Ben?
What's the big deal with Paris Hilton?_
Xzhibit is pimpin rides, his wives married for millions.
If this is reality, it's so bad, Hip Hop is not on BET_
Cable doesn't plug into the black community_
But you can learn how to download with an mp3.
Plastic surgery will make you look beautiful_
Obesity is at an all time high, watch a musical.
Let's look at women as a sexual object_
And make sure your television has to connect.

High School Reunion

Written By: Art I Miss

After my high school diploma_
my whole world went in a coma.
Spent years writing rhymes on my mother's sofa_
Pray to God that work was over.
My dreams seemed far away_
so I had to lie on my resume.
Hoping I'll MC the Roger's Centre one day.
Go on tour across the seas to Montigo Bay, but hey.
Welcome back to reality_
Now I'm 24 and my high school friends are doing much more.
One's a lawyer_
The other one's a scientist.
Me, a nobody, an aspiring lyricist.
And now this.
The head of student's counsel genuius conceived a joke and it went like this.
It was a letter that would make me feel like a fool again_
"Dear Brian, would you come to a high school reunion?"

"So Brian, what have you been doing?"
I don't even have a car to drive to my own high school reunion.

So I went to see some other girls that rejected me_
The muscle bound football geeks and old family.
Walked inside Westin CI's gymnasium_
With dirty white adidas standing out like a sore thumb.
Kinda felt dumb 'cause everyone was in buisness suites_
Except this girl named Jane wearing Timberland boots.
She said I looked cuter than the last time she saw me_
Invited me to the punch, except she's only drinking coffee.
Rub it all on me, until she asked me "what do you do?"_
I told Jane "I work at Gap but rap is something I pursue.
She said "nigga get a clue", and wasn't talking about the mixtape_
Walked away from me, getting no chance of a date.
She couldn't understand this is my life, my fate_
my passion, mind in a plate, religion, it's my soul mate (my).
Gotta concentrate or should I go to U of T?
But guess what_ I wouldn't be an MC.

CHORUS: (x4)

Good Morning (featuring LEO37)

Written By: ART I MISS and LEO37

If I could take a moment of your time, I'll return the day_
Making a Kodak moment hearing Biz Markie.
Brand Nubian, Tribe, De La, and Jungle Brothers_
Raised a Native Tongue with love I got from mother.
It's because of them I finally put on my shoes_
Watched P's and Q's, Kool G and the Ill Street Blues.
Win or loose, broke. I still had a good ear_
I still had words form a man, with no father there.
I took those words stronger than the bibles_
I armed those words as if they were rifles.
And now I put mine in an hour-glass of sand_
Hoping that they fall in another kids hands.

Find it, ride it, hide it from who?
I don't know, but this goes out to.
Both ingnorant, open mind, healthy and sick_
The poor, the rich, but most of all, each and every kid.
Find it, ride it, hide it from who?
I don't know, but this goes out to.
Each shadow to the night, see the sun come through_
Man, this is for you. Ah, this is for you.

I sat down the other day and tried to figure out just exactly who it is I write for?
Obviously, there's me. No question.
My being needs to write the same way my smile needs teeth but... i have other motives that would cause me to jot these feelings and
Seems to me that there's a lot see, so lemme try and break it down,
Not for you but for me....
i think....
First and foremost, there exists the issue that i might be rappin for burlap sacks of cash.
And a top hat to match my bright red sash that has finely embroidered
on it: "King of Rap"
So i think on that, this topic is constant.
Have emcees gone bad?
Past due date, their product,
I won't speak on that.
We've all heard the gossip,
I'm not keen on that.
I try and stay honest to me.
And anyone else listening,
So i hope we can rule out my quest for cream.
If i get rich off me being me, that's cool,
If not, i'll go buy food with integrity.
I won't let my foolish pride impose a detour and eliminate the fork in
my road.
I have a choice, and I plan to use it for, positive music and self-improvement.
That's my voice, I'll hoist it for all to see.
Maybe the reason I write is for the narcissist in me.
But as far as I can see there's a few of you like this.
So I write for those people, both adults and kids


What is conscious? (I don't know)_
I cannot be defined, but I want you to find my words.
Relate to this documented outburst in my head_
Whether your from the ghetto or the burbs.
A straight and narrow path has curves_
But I can hear the lies and deceit in these pop sounding verbs.
Who the fuck am I to say what hip-hop is_
Studied the greatest, before the 2 Pac's and Big's.
I owe KRS my life, and the least I can do is_
Just be sincere in what I puruse and what I hold true_
Talk about growing up in Flemington Avenue.
Way beyond teenie-boppers_
Fuck it, even before so-called hip hoppers.
They gotta understand who I write for_
Each letter, each sentence, each metaphor.
We are now in a third World War_
So right now, the youth needs our words much more (this is for).



-Nominated "Best Hip Hop" at the 2005 Toronto Independent Music Awards
-Streaming radio play on dozens of online stations worldwide
-College radio airplay throughout Toronto
-10,000+ fans through

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