Art in Heaven

Art in Heaven


You will shake yer booty AND bang your head.


Art in Heaven is a musical being, never before manifested in this world. Some have referred to it as “Jazz-Funk-Prog-Electro-Metal”. A more terse descriptor: “Mega Fusion”. The more active verbiage: “Hard rock you can dance to”. Whatever words are used – none can quite illustrate the trancendiary musical and performance power of San Francisco's Art in Heaven. One must experience, in the flesh, the live power of the Bombastic Duo. Art in Heaven’s philosophy is simple: Take the audience to heightened levels of exhilaration by use of dramatic dynamic shifts and multiple genres seamlessly interleaved, preposterously danceable grooves intermingled with fist pumping intensity, and soaring harmonic vocal interludes that perfectly compliment the instrumental soundscapes. A.I.H's goals have been affirmed by those who have crossed their path with the countless reiterations of: "I have never seen anything like this before". Come, bare witness to Art in Heaven.


Tailgate at the Commodores

Written By: Art in Heaven

Time passes through me
brings us to the surface
the waves get too heavy
whisper its time to go

Never thought that I would
turn my cheek on you
The sun has burned itself out
Shades of orange,
turning scenes

The hammer was coming down
shining steel of truth
Changing the face that
we once knew

Let it go as it swims away
The darkness will show what
we could never say.
From below,
these thoughts we breed
The light we create is all
the light we need


Written By: Art in Heaven

Drifting through the fray
Time and space between the stars
Holds the night in such a way...
such a way

Still life that sits in front of me
Stale fragments of what used to be
Kill comfort, massacre my ease
This life of turmoil will be with me ‘til I’m released

The sun is setting on this day, cannot sit frozen in
silence with so much left
to say...left to say

King of Fears

Written By: Art in Heaven

Cynicism: decadence and shame
System schism: negligence and blame
into this world I cast you leave you on your own
I’ll provide you weapons, the fight is yours alone
I can’t believe that I’m standing here
Staring at the door. Scared to proceed
so afraid to bare what might lie in store

Now I’m father I must let it go
Shake my demons,
make him something more

Now I’m father I must pave the road
On my knees I lay it stone by stone


The Second Coming - 2010
Live at the Lips - 2008