Turquoise Rose

Turquoise Rose


A unique blend of different genres. Rare with flair! Variety is the spice of life they say. I love the creative process. I write about whatever inspires me, always doing my best to follow my heart...


Olivia Francis, AKA Turquoise Rose:
Vocals, Keyboard, and percussion


In the small Texas town of Quanah, on the Fourth of July, Olivia’s life began with a big bang!
At the age of one and a half she and her family relocated
to California where she lived until the early 70’s.

She comes from a long line of Poets/Artists and Musicians on her father’s side.
Her father and brothers all sang and played guitar/harmonica.

In her own words:

I grew up with music and as a child would always seek out the neighborhood garage bands, by following the sound down the alleys until I found them.
If I had to describe my music I would have to say: Attitude, my way. I definitely have my own style, even though I’m often told I sound like other various singers.
I started out singing rock in my 20’s until I was told more than a few times I had a country voice. I guess that's what you get when you're born in Texas, lol! I used to get so aggravated because I didn't like country music at all back then.
But, after a while, I broke down, started listening & loving it.

Although Country music is my main genre I am now having fun experimenting with other’s, including Spirituals, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Alternative...and sometimes just a hint of Disco or whatever else feels right at the time. I also love creating Jingles.
My musical influences range from Olivia Newton-John/ Joni Mitchell/ Heart/Rolling Stones/ Eagles/Beatles/Fleetwood Mac (too many to list) to Linda Ronstadt/Loretta Lynn/Dolly Parton/Patsy Cline/Sara Evans/Shania Twain/ Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood and many more.

My musical adventures have included several bands, from California to Arizona and Texas.
In Prescott, Ariz. I sang with the Leroy B. Band (Bluegrass, Country) and also sang and wrote with other various talented musicians in that area, working on copy and original music.

After moving to Dallas in 1983 I auditioned and was hired as a lead/backup vocalist for the band "Flashback".
(We had a teenage Elvis impersonator by the name of Gary Ladell)
who was excellent! The band consisted of 7 members:
Ronnie Dee/ "Italian Stallion"/Drums, band leader.
Mr.Roy Rogers/"Huggy-Bear"/Lead Guitar, Vocals,
Mike Fugget/"Doctor Love"/Bass, vocals,
Ms. Gloria Mosley/"Lady Soul"/ Lead and Backup vocals
Doug Baskin/"The Professor"/Keys
Gary Ladell/"Elvis"/Vocals and last but not least, me/"Sparkles"/Lead and Backup vocals.

Also, while living in the Dallas area I performed at the
Wylie, Mesquite and Garland Oprys.
In the 80’s I entered a singing contest at the Wylie Opry, where the winning prize was a 45 single on the Alexander Charter Record label, produced in a Nashville recording Studio. The way the contest was judged was by audience applause and unfortunately for me, I didn't have any of my friends or family there so I took second place. Boy, was I ever heartbroken. I wanted that prize so bad I could taste it! The girl who won Entertainer of the Year, Vicki Lynn, was a friend of mine (with a beautiful voice). She decided to put a song I wrote that she loved called "Stranger" on side B. I was so excited to at least be involved and am still grateful to her for including me. I still have one of those 45's framed on side "B".

After leaving “Flashback” I moved to Amarillo in 1989 where I auditioned for the band "Kracker Jack" and was a member for six months.

Here’s a story about what happened one night when we were performing: Thank God I'm still here to tell it!
I was on stage singing when a jealous girlfriend of another musician friend of mine came in toting a gun & threatening to shoot me.
I had to leave the stage & club abruptly in fear for my life.
(Of course, I was totally innocent of her claims.) What a nightmare!

After that I packed up and headed to Nashville to try my luck.

That's where I met Faron Young who told me I had some very good songs but was too old to make it in the industry (I was 37). After trying for a while I went back to Amarillo figuring perhaps he was right, but I'm not one to give up easily, so here I am today, still pluggin' along chasin' the dream! If I don't make a dent in the Industry before I die I'm packing up all my songs and takin' them with me, Sha-na-na-na-nah, ha-ha!
But seriously, I believe the Business needs some up and coming older folks (who've paid their dues) on Major Labels. Perhaps it could be called the:
" Still Kickin' Music Label". :} ;} :} ;]

I’m a former member of the FWSA,
And a current BMI affiliate.

Over the years I have entered and placed in many competitions
for singing/songwriting.
In July, 2005 my song "Half A Woman" placed among
the top five finalists in the Country category and in September 2007 my song “Walk In Faith ”received the Suggested Artist Award in the songoftheyear’s lyric competition.

I now live in Amarillo, continuing the musical adventure!
Singing & writing is in my blood so it looks like I


Half A Woman

Written By: Olivia Francis

By: Olivia Francis (c) 2005 BMI

When you left me, I fell apart
I lost half my mind, and half my heart
Went half crazy, not knowin’ what to do
I’m half a woman without you
Half a woman without you

Half our closet, is lookin’ bare
Without your boots and clothes, hangin’ there
And half of our bed, feels empty too
I’m half a woman without you

I’m half a woman, without you
Why’d you half to be so mean dear and so cruel
If you will only meet me half way,
This half a woman will be whole again someday


If you don’t come back, here’s what I’ll do
Dress up and go out, with someone new
But he won’t be half as good as you
Why’d you half to break my heart half in two

I’m half a woman, without you
Why’d you half to be so mean dear and so cruel
If you will only meet me half way,
This half a woman will be whole again someday
This half a woman will be whole again someday

So Over You

Written By: Olivia Francis

“So Over You” Blues
Music by: OliviaF/Ed Wemmerus
Melody and Lyrics by:
Olivia Francis © 2007-BMI

Well there ain’t nothin’ left in my heart for you
Every little trace went out thanks to my old faithful broom
All your dirty lies, and low-down cheatin’ ways
Lay outside on the ground for the wind to blow away
‘Cause I ain’t got the time it takes in this life to waste
On a low-down-abusin’-con-man’s evil game

Yeah! I’m so over you, Yeah! I’m havin’ me a high time
Singin’ these ol’ funky blues
You ain’t nothin’ but a speck of dust beneath my walkin’ shoes
And I ain’t never lookin’ back ‘Cause I’m so over you
Yeah! Baby, I’m so over you!


Your big ten Angel status just dropped to a small zero
Your awesome wings shriveled up, and shiny halo lost its glow
When the truth revealed itself I saw the real you
And my heart finally realized it’s been nothin’ but a fool
There ain’t enough time in this ol’life to waste
On a low-down-abusin’-con-man’s evil game

Yeah! I’m so over you, I’m havin’ me a high time
Singin’ these ol’ blues
Hey! You ain’t nothin’ but a fleck of dust hangin’ on my walkin’ shoes
And I ain’t lookin’ back ‘cause I’m so over you
Oh Yeah! I’m over you!
There ain’t nothin’ left to say but the truth
Hey! I’m so over you!

Here Goes My Heart Again

Written By: Olivia Francis

"Here Goes My Heart Again"
By: Olivia Francis (c) 2007 BMI-ARR

I swore the last time was the last time
I'd allow my heart to be laid on the line
But when I met you I lost all control
And my heart refused to listen when I told it "No"

Here goes my heart again thinkin' it's bound to win
In the field of romance, if it takes one more chance
The stakes of love are high yet it still wants to try
So let the games begin, here goes my heart again


I told my heart, under no condition
Would I ever change my stubborn disposition
But it assures me this time love will last
For it believes the future won't repeat the past

Love is a gamble every heart will take
Whether we win or lose is up to fate
Love's survival rate is greater if it's true
So I guess it's up to me and you to see it through

Repeat Chorus
Yeah! Let the games begin, here goes my heart again


Written By: Olivia Francis

By: Olivia Francis © 2007-BMI-ARR

The sky is blue, my heart dreams of you
No rain in sight, as I lay in your arms tonight

Deep within your eyes, I fall hypnotized
Into love’s wonderland, where you hold me entranced

Just me and you, beneath an August moon
Shooting stars pass as we swoon in passion’s dance

Within your warm embrace, soaring high in space
Lost in love’s wonderland, my heart is entranced

The sky is blue, my heart dreams of you
No rain in sight, here in wonderland tonight
You and I in wonderland…

Down For The Count

Written By: Olivia Francis/Kate Justus

"Down For The Count"
By: Olivia Francis/Kate Justus
(c) 2007 BMI

You put your smooth around me, knocked me off my feet
Left my heart a reelin', taste was bitter-sweet

Just because you're stronger, you can't have your way
I can't wait no longer, you should-a-never, never, never strayed
You should've never strayed
Who do you think you are?

Baby, one, two, baby I got you
Three, four, face down on the floor
Five, six, this is for your sleazy tricks....
Come a little closer
Seven, eight, you should-a-played it
Should of played it straight
Nine, ten, Loser, you can't win
You are down for the count
I said you're down for the count
You are down for the count


Have had several songs played on internet radio with Lou Nelson promotions, Texas Drover Records at:
and am being played on the Les Amsterdam radio show
in Canada.
Also occasional other gigs and open mic nights.

Set List


When I'm playing with a band, lists consist of a variety of music. 3- 4 sets, 8-12 songs per set.
Most of the bands I have been a member of in the past consisted of copy tunes, but now I am incorporating originals. I enjoy the feedback you get from an audience. If they like it you know you're on the right track!