Ballwin, Missouri, USA

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Joe's Song

Written By: John Ruhl/Derek Cortez

Joe headed out, fire in his pocket
Where's he going now, man he's surely lost it
Meet'n with the boys, cause they know he's hold'n
Smell it miles away, trouble and he knows it

Joe hopped out, waved and approached them
Knew one well, the other two were foreign
Grin faded fast, cause of what they showed him
God wouldn't know, even if I told him

Red eyes pull wide, the hammers drawn back
Didn't know it was going down like that
One for the good stuff, the other for his stack
Forget what they told you cause you ain't...
Coming back

Breaths getting short, death and he knows it
Draining out now, open holes are smoking
How could they know, there's nothing to be stolen
They're killers anyway, the system here is broken

Red eyes pull wide, the hammers drawn back
We all know it goes down like that
Just like the killers, you got no cash
No one profits when the systems....
Made bad