Art of Action

Art of Action


An immense and memorable sound. An honest, introspective approach to songwriting combined with dynamic and powerful arrangements make for an emotionally charged sonic experience. Inspired mostly by alternative, progressive and punk rock.


Since forming in September, 2008, Art of Action have been met with praise and accolade wherever
they’ve played. Their rich and diverse musical style paired with a powerful yet cohesive on-stage presence has garnered them serious attention from audiences and professionals alike.

Hailing from Georgetown ON, Art of Action came together as an amalgamation of five musicians from four musically diverse bands. When these four bands split, each member naturally gravitated towards one another with the common goal of producing music more meaningful and complex than they had previously.

“From Alt-rock to Punk and from Hardcore to Jazz; we all come from different places musically and we’ve all been influenced by very different musicians,” says frontman Ryan Snyder. “But we’ve all come together to produce the best music possible.”

This diversity has allowed Art of Action to create music that draws from a wide array of influences. From I Mother Earth to Millencolin and Incubus to Neil Young, Art of Action have drawn heavily on the music they love to create a saturated sound that is all their own.

“We think we sound a lot like our favourite bands, but nobody’s been able to classify us as sounding like any one band in particular,” says drummer Miles Gibbons. “Our sound is more like a little bit of everything.”

Art of Action’s dynamic approach to song writing has allowed the band to tackle simple themes in a complex manner. This stylistic mix can be heard in the song “Water,” which places fast, distorted guitar riffs with a powerful vocal arrangement to create a light-hearted alt-pop track that hints at something deeper. Similarly, “Mayday” also pairs a soft and sullen intro with a surge of intensity as the song crescendos, producing a wall of sound that presents the theme of a failed relationship with strong, heartfelt emotion.

“Our songs mean a lot to us,” says Gibbons. “We’re not a party band. We’re more emotionally relevant than that.”

Art of Action are currently road testing songs for their first EP, due out in early June, 2009.


Independant Demo 2008

Set List

Fourty five minutes to an hour. Seven original songs, one cover.