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Art of Execution

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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2006 - Self Titled 4 song EP
- Bombs
- Run
- Take Another Look
- What We've Become

2003 - Self Titled 2 song demo
- Run
- Wake Up


Feeling a bit camera shy


Deep inside the hearts of every human being is a voice, a voice of protest, a voice of resistance, a voice of hope. On a hot summer day in the year 2000 that voice came in the form of a growl. Deep inside the suburbs of Mississauga, two best friends shared a dream, and were about to turn that dream into a reality.

Justin Stirling and Ryan Waters were two high school comrades with the same taste in music and the same dream of writing and playing music in front to hundreds of people. Angered and frustrated by the constrictive and constant harassment from the local police, they decided to form a band as an outlet to release their pent up anger.

They decided to name their band FT 5-0, a voice for the local teenagers who were facing the same obstacles. The name caught on and after many shows, the chants of “FT 5-0” were heard echoing through each venue.

The faces of FT 5-0 changed many times and at one point the band even had two vocalists. One of the vocalists, Paul Kalra, the eldest at the time, introduced the band to George Collins, who was welcomed with open arms. Trevor Penney, then 14, went to school with both Justin and Ryan and after only one tryout impressed the band so much that he too was inducted into the band.

On April 21st, 2001, while waiting outside The Warehouse for a concert, Justin and Paul were approached by a local promoter who was signing bands to play indie festivals. Within a year FT 5-0 were playing with bands such as Treble Charger, Projekt Wyze, Swollen Members and, ironically, Econoline Crush, the same band that Paul and Justin went to see on April 21st.

Creative differences led to the departure of Paul followed shortly afterwards by co-founder Ryan Waters. Without a guitarist FT 5-0 took time off to regroup.

In late 2002 the band searched for a guitarist. George Collins (bassist) would try to fill this gap temporarily. Influenced by bands such as Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses and Metallica, George channeled these influences to create the anthem Take Another Look. As the search went on they would need someone to stand out as well as compliment the band's hard rock roots. After trying out a couple guitarists and feeling nowhere closer to a new face, along came Aduran from the band Cynical Circle Theory.

Aduran was introduced to Justin by his brother Taran. After playing Chop-Suey (S.O.A.D), Justin was convinced that Aduran could be the final piece to this puzzle. Influenced by Rage Against the Machine, Hendrix, Lamb of God and System of a Down, Aduran's mix of blues melody and hard rocking riffs would surely be the recipe for great possibilities.

Shortly after their meeting, Justin arranged a jam session, anticipating the band could be complete. "After we started to jam, I knew we had something special going on,” said Aduran.

Justin Stirling, the front man of FT 5-0 was a voice to be reckoned with. Justin screamed or growled menacing tones and sprayed lyrics with perfect cadence to create controversy with everything and anyone. Influenced by Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Spineshank and Machinehead, Justin's views and virtues are cultivated by changing times and the devastation happening in the world today. Justin is slowly becoming the voice of our generation.

As the jam-session wore on they came to their signature cover song "Fuck the Police". A compilation of Rage Against the Machine’s "Killing the Name of” and N.W.A.'s "Fuck the Police." Aduran played the song with the band almost as if he played it a hundred times before. The song was played with great emotion. And after the song was done, FT 5-0 welcomed Aduran DeRonov to join the band.

After 15 months of procrastination the new FT 5-0 was ready to hit the clubs. They got their first opportunity at Club 278 Hard Rock Cafe, in downtown Toronto. The show was not a success due to a confrontation with the Hard Rock security guards. FT 5-0 was not allowed to play their much anticipated set . The band did regroup again, after the Hard Rock incident, playing the Underdogs Ball on January 10, 2004 at the Opera House. FT 5-0 executed their set perfectly sending endless energy into the crowd that made people JUMP.

Trevor Penney, the backbone to the band, influenced by Tool, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails and Slipknot, plays the drums with great intensity and has a unique approach to drumming. Trevor is surely someone to watch at their live shows.

FT5-0 continued to play shows around Toronto and ventured out to play shows in towns such as London and Kitchener. The band agrees that these shows were some of the best to play.

As the year went by it seemed the band was not progressing. Thoughts of moving down to Virginia to record an album and tour with one of the band's friends were in discussion. And in October 2005 the boys did go down to Virginia to figure out their options. Their options in Virginia were looking very good, although there