Art Pruce

Art Pruce


Art Pruce is an independent Canadian recording artist who has just released an impressive debut CD, "Wish I Could Go" produced by award-winning producer, Tom McKillip. This singer / songwriter has an amazing voice and is an equally talented guitar player. Visit


“Wish I Could Go” is the title track for Art Pruce’s highly acclaimed debut album. Raised in northern Ontario, Art Pruce is an accomplished performer, singer and songwriter, and this album is a presentation of compelling music and gripping lyrics. Art has a passion for music and a talent for songwriting. Pair that with his masterful acoustic guitar and his gentle vocals and you have the makings of an unforgetable performance. Art takes his music to the people with a rare sincerity and he delights his audiences with riveting performances. With the release of this long-awaited album, Art is destined to become one of Canada’s most exciting new talents.


I Don't Mind If You Do

Written By: John Clinch & Larry Wayne Clark

I Don’t Mind If You Do
John Clinch / Larry Wayne Clark (SOCAN)

You don’t have to whisper sweet thing
Twenty four hours a day
You don’t have to melt your cell phone
Calling me when I’m away
You don’t have to write me letters
Swearing you’ll be true
You don’t have to say you love me
But I don’t mind if you do

There’s a love light I see shining
Whenever you’re around
You can’t keep no secrets from me
I can feel your heart beat pound
And that smile you’re wearing on your face
Says I’m the one for you
You don’t have to say you love me
But I don’t mind if you do

You don’t have to sugar coat it
As long as you devote it unconditionally
Well, you can do what you do, anytime you want
“Cause if it suits you, it suits me

You don’t have to stay forever
To make my dreams come true
You can search for greener pastures gir.
In a hundred years or two
You don’t have to shout my name outloud
Or wear it on a rose tattoo
You don’t have to say you love me
But I don’t mind if you do

Repeat Chorus
Repeat 3rd Verse

©Skwilax Publishing Co / Brainchild Music

Takes Me Back to Yesterday

Written By: Art Pruce

Takes Me Back to Yesterday
©1996 Art Pruce (SOCAN)

“After six years living 2000 miles away from where I was raised, I was inspired to write my first song about my boyhood home, Goulias River, ON.”

Sitting here missing all the times gone by
Thinking about how it used to be
Back when cares were just a mystery
Running ‘round and living free

My family lived out in the country
Twenty some miles away from town
On Sundays we’d all get together
Love and laughter all around

But the years go by and things begin to change
We move away and nothing stays the same
Now I know how easy time can slip away
It takes me back to yesterday

These days we all live so far apart
The get-togethers don’t come around anymore
Sometimes it just don’t seem right to me
Is this the way it’s got to be

2nd Chorus: When the years go by…

I think I’ll go back to my hometown
To see my folks and some old friends once again
Take a stroll down the backlane
Right to where the river bends

3RD Chorus: ‘Cause the years go by…

Tag: Take me back to yesterday
Funny how time slips away

Let's Shine

Written By: Art Pruce

Let’s Shine

Lady, I’ve been thinking
My life isn’t what it ought to be
So I’ve come to a decision
And I’m Hoping that you believe in me

I know that you’re all I’ll ever need
Your heart has told you the same
Let’s waste no more time
Baby, just say you’ll be mine

Pretty lady, you can love me
Ya, you can trust me, I’ll always be here
Now Don’t you worry, what others might be saying
Cause I can feel it, now it's all so clear

Repeat Chorus

Art Pruce
Two Rivers Music (SOCAN)


Leave Me The Way You Left Me was released on the BCCMA's On The Horizon 2005 compilation cd.

"Wish I Could Go" released December 2006

Set List

Two 45 minute sets or three shorter sets. The following list of songs may be included in a typical set:

Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Everything That Glitters
God Must Be A Cowboy
Smokey Mountain Rain
Take Me Back to Yesterday (original)
Dancin' Out The Rhythm (original)
Against the Wind
Sweet Home Alabama
Heart of Gold
Let's Shine (original)
Wish I Could Go (original)