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Hip Hop Art. The Art Ranger World epitomizes what the music denotes to the cultural vision of what Hip Hop style, life and meaning is to millions of Hip Hop fans the world over. Renown Norwegian madman, Ingar Aasen, activist and unparalleled visionary has created art that will span the ages.


Ingar Aasen is a one of a kind, world renown painter and sculpture, who has created a lasting tribute to Hip Hop culture & music. Art Ranger 107 is on a mission to make the world recognize the awesome power that is Hip Hop


His "Art" will be displayed 7 December 2008 (extended) through 23 December 2008 @ West Hollywood's Sunset "Hip" Strip Hotel, the Grafton on Sunset, 8462 W. Sunset Boulevard, W. Hollywood, Ca 90069. The exhibition runs from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Sunday to Sunday.

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"Time for y'all to come on out and have a ball"! Nothin' but Hip Hop, baby... A historic ART tribute to the "Bling that makes you sing, society", live and in living color...

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