Art Ruprecht

Art Ruprecht

 Wildwood, Missouri, USA

Funky, inspirational Smooth Jazz guitar. Blistering, yet tasteful guitar work overlay a lush funk/R&B bed whether performing live or on the 2008 release, "At The End Of The Day." Art has had six tracks air on The Weather Channel’s “Local On The Eights” segment & XM radio..


Art has had six tracks air nationally on The Weather Channel’s “Local On The Eights” segment. He has music published with Platinum Music of Great Britain, Supermax Music, Triple Scoop Music, and worldwide digital distribution of his 2008 Smooth Jazz release, “At The End Of The Day”, with LGN Entertainment/Sony-BMG.
Art has performed regularly with acts based primarily in the Midwest region of the United States including The Facts Of Life, 40 West, Encore Entertainment, Galaxy Productions, Phoenix, Rhythm Of The Night, The Art & Nancy duo and many others.

At age eighteen, Art Ruprecht took up the guitar and hasn’t put it down since. As one of the most respected musicians in the St. Louis area, his varied influences range from Ricky Scaggs to George Benson . When area band leaders are looking for a versatile player, they are apt to call on Art to meet their need.

Benefiting greatly from Berklee School of Music courses as a teenager, Art increased his technical knowledge while drums remained his primary instrument. The result of a love affair with bluegrass yielded his meteoric development on the violin, mandolin and banjo, as well as the guitar, which would serve him well over the years to come. Warming up for the likes of Pure Prairie League, Earl Scruggs and Vassar Clements, Art moved into other styles, especially the jazz/R&B genre.


"All Is Well" Art & Nancy Ruprecht (2003)
"At The End Of The Day" Art Ruprecht (2008)
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Set List

1. Big Talker 4:21
2. At The End Of The Day 3:51
3. Elógielo 3:56
4. Streets Of Gold 3:57
5. Smooth Stones 3:54
6. Bear-Hug 3:13
7. Saturday Morning 3:28
8. The Light Unto My Path 3:59
9. Trinity 4:56
10. As It Is In Heaven 4:54
11. Your Majesty 3:59
12. Rest In You 4:02
13. Eternal Life 2:49