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This band has not uploaded any videos



"River Front Times (STL) - 09/12/07"

Even though Arts and Sciences is only a quintet, the semi-local emo-folk popsters manage to bring enough multi-instrumental fluency to the table to convincingly mimic a small wind symphony — while easily standing shoulder to shoulder with more well-known indie-rock collectives. Trumpet, tuba, trombone, saxophone, vibraphone, accordion, banjo, harmonica and sparse (but well-placed) vocal harmonies take precedence over guitars on tracks found on the band's MySpace profile ( Unlike many of its not-so-secretly Christian counterparts on the emo and indie scene, though, the modestly spiritual treks Arts and Sciences leads listeners on are highlighted not by cheap melodramatic screams or guitar bursts, but by truly epic moments — ones that rely on the well-placed quiet dynamics that preceded them for their impact. - River Front Times


5-song demo:
1. Out of Hibernation
2. The Boy Who Never Quite Told Everything He Knew
3. Aurë Entuluva
4. To the Orphans of Rabanastre
5. The Consistent Shaking of San Francisco to Rid Itself of Foreign Inhabitants



Arts &Sciences is a group of extraterrestrial explorers from the globular cluster FSR 1735. Intrigued by terrestrial forms of music, the members of Arts&Sciences have extended their sojourn on this planet to pursue scientific research and experimentation in that field. Arts&Sciences hopes to gain an indepth knowledge and thorough mastery of this art, which will be integral for the furtherance of the interplanetary empire they represent - namely, the subjection of the earth and the subsumption of earth's knowledge and creativity to their own.

The goal is assimilation. Resistance is futile.