his music was recently requested for play on German and US radio stations to help with Katrina victims funds. "Set The Pages on Fire" made it to #1 on German Radio for Donations. He was also oppointed "Executive director" of the "Alexis Band" of the potawatomi Indian Tribe in Niles Michigan.


Who is Arttunea? he is "Jonathan Elias Parker" a working man and small buisiness owner in the Detroit area. He is an amateur musician Playing the Blues when he has time. His catchy guitar style and song creating abilities Attracted "Jay Wilson" AKA Jackie Wilson Jr.(of Motown Fame)and others. Jon has never been signed and is operating as an independant.

Jon has been spolighted by "Planet Music Records" for most of 2003. He is selling his own CDs. His first project "THIS AIN'T NO KAREOKE! is being played thru out the USA on various radio stations(College and Commercial) after an invitation By Live365 Joe Kelly and Gi Dussault and other stations who found him on the internet.
His 15 song Cd is available Making it to Editors choice and #1 in December on 21st Century Artists of Hollywood "Hollywood Music Masters" and he was Awarded #6 for the year 2004. He also
received a GOLD artist award from Radio Indy.

After an invitation to Nashville he performed "Saturday Night" for a live showcase, a standing Ovation got him Invited to a TV show Aired In Nashville 2004. He recently won a popular song contest with Talentmatch (National Lampoon) Opening the door for other Live performance offers, Including Farm Aid 2004.

He was recently contacted by GPLK Inc. from the UK for inclusion on the CD of the greatest Jazz and Blues guitar licks of 2005, An All Blues and Jazz CD that came out Jully 25th called "My chips are down". The song they picked is called "Hotsy Totsy".

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Arttunea songs on the net and on College and Commercial Radio under the name Jon Parker> from 2 cd's "This Aint No Kareoke" and "Experimental Project" Hotsy Totsy, Baby Blues, What Was I thinking Of, I Must have Lost My Mind, Pages On Fire, Traces Of Love, Put It all On Me, Funk ..7.