Artty Raynes

Artty Raynes

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Original American Music, written and performed by harmonica wailing, guitar picking, and singing man, Artty Raynes. He sings and writes from the heart while he blows you away with his harmonica skills.


Artty has been writing and playing music since a teenager. With roots in bluegrass, country, blues, and rock, Artty has a style like no other and his songs, resonate the American spirit. Over the years, he has played in many bands across the United States, but now concentrates on his solo career in Nashville TN. His live shows as a one man band (harmonica, guitar, vocals) are energetic and heartfelt as he pours his soul out to each audience. He is truly a show not to be missed.


Big Brown Eyes

Written By: Artty Raynes

Big Brown Eyes by Arthur Francoeur aka Artty Raynes

It was mid summer back in 08
My luck was a little down , I wasn’t feeling too great
In walked the room was a southern bell
I got lost in her perfume smell
Her hair shone like gold when her eyes lit up
My drink spilled from my dixie cup
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing
In this dark bar was a shining star

She looked at me with those big brown eyes
I looked right back with a great big smile.
I knew then that I wanted this girl
I’d do anything is this whole world
For my girl

I asked her out and to my amaze
She looked me over and said ok
When she spoke she had my heart
There was love between us right from the start
I took her out the very next day
When I dropped her off she asked me to stay
My heart throbbed as I took her hand
A love so soon I couldn’t understand

She looked at me with those big brown eyes
I looked right back with a great big smile
I knew then that I had my girl
I’d do anything in this whole world
For my girl

In all my life, Ive been searching for the one that was right
Now that she’s mine I’m gonna love her till the day that I die

Now that the years have gone by
I still got my baby right by my side
And a couple of kids and a dog named Bert
My baby still looks good in a mini skirt
Life is good and life has been great
Since the first time that I saw her face
Now I hold her close and I tell her sweet
She’s the only one that was ever meant for me

And she looks at me with those big brown eyes
I look back with my great big smile
I tell her that she’s my girl
And I’d do anything in this whole world
For my girl

Fool for Loving You

Written By: Artty Raynes

Fool for Loving You by Arthur Francoeur aka Artty Raynes

I’m a fool for loving you, a fool for loving you
I don’t know why I do but I do

Verse 1:
I woke up, just the other day. Had a feeling life was oh so great
Then I rolled on over and there was you

Everytime I look in your face, I remember all of those days
When we used to rock it behind the school.

That was all that we had then and that’s all that I have now.
Some how lord I feel like I’ve been missing out.


Verse 2:
Back in the sack we had a great time, drinking beers, smoking dope, and sipping wine
And that’s all we had were those long nights

Not to say that we didn’t dance, not to say that we didn’t romance
I’ve just got to tell you that I passed up a chance or two

To go out and live a life of excitement and no strife baby
So I have to often ask myself why, Why



but I know that we are through, whoa oh oh
and I know that we are through


Tucson's Too Far Away

Written By: Artty Raynes

Tucson’s Too Far Away by Artty Raynes

Woke up in the foothills,
night of peaceful sleep
under the stars
I think about my dreams
funny how the desert smells
like the ocean in the morn
reminds me that soon
I'll be going home.

Look up at the stars the dim little dipper cries
we may be apart
but you'll always be mine.
Down at charlie's bar
where I first met those eyes
my dreams had come true
but I soon realized


That my life time's been empty
My debts unpaid
My loney soul it roams
in the desert my lonesome body lays
and I long for my lady
but Tucson's too Far away


Maybe someday I'll see her
walking down the street
and things might just work out
the way they ought to be
the heavens sent me freedom
in her eyes I do dream
she graced me with her precense
and now she's gone and it seems


Sweet Woman

Written By: Artty Raynes

Sweet Woman by Arthur Francoeur aka Artty Raynes

I’ve been low lord yes and I’ve been down and out.
But I haven’t spoken a word though of my loneliness and doubt.
I go out each and every night, looking to see what I can find
my arms come home empty, no woman in sight
no touch to ease my troubled mind
no touch to ease my troubled mind

I’m a lonely soldier, no place to call my home
got no woman to care for, just my guitar and that open road
I go out to bars and see men fight, over women they don’t even know
Cussin, lovin, fightin oh they love them girls
while their woman’s alone at home
while their woman’s alone at home

Well I can’t help but wonder, why they keep doing what they do
if I had a sweet little woman lord Id stick with her through and through
Cause if you got a sweet little woman at home, and you know she’ll treat you right
You don’t go out to bars and love them girls
Yeah you stay right at home with your loving wife
yeah you stay right at home with your loving wife

My Way Home

Written By: Artty Raynes

My way Home

Im a local musician
Trying to be a big rockstar
Out there giggin
in all the little local bars
I’ve got dreams and ambition
But everything seems to fall apart
When ball gets rolling
Don’t think I’ll ever get my start

So Im on my way home 2x

I don’t know
if im really sure
If I’ve got what it takes
To make it on the road
So I’m on my way home

I work hard everyday
Just to make my daily pay
In this job I stay
To Go out everynight and play
But im getting old and grey
Just another rock star Cleshey
And the girls keep screaming my name
As the dream starts to fade away

I’m on my way home
I don’t know
if im really sure
If I’ve got what it takes
To make it on the road
So I’m on my way home


Tides- 2006
Country Songs-2011

Set List

Stick shifts- Cake
Friend is a 4 letter word
Badfish- Sublime
Smoke Two Joints
Miss you- Rolling Stones
Higher Ground- Chili Peppers
Lively Up Yourself-Bob MArley
Low Rider-War
Dancin in the moonlight- King Harvest
Heart of gold- Neil Young
Old man- Neil Young
Last dance with Mary Jane-Tom Petty
Folsom prison Blues- Johnny Cash
I still miss someone- Johnny Cash
Can’t always get what you want- Rolling Stones
Wild Horses- Rolling Stones
Mellissa-Allman Brothers
Stormy Monday- Traditional Blues
Long train- Doobie Brothers
No woman No Cry- Bob Marley
Boogie on Reggae woman- Stevie Wonder
Bell Bottom Blues – Eric Clapton
Patience- Guns n Roses
Thankyou- Led Zeplin
Help from my Friends-Beatles
Girl- Beatles
Fire and Rain- James Taylor
Fearless- Pink Floyd
Heros have always been cowboys-Willie Nelson
Minglewood Blues- Grateful Dead
Black peter-Grateful Dead
Big boss man-Blues
Friend of the devil- Grateful Dead
Easy wind- Grateful Dead