Arturo Chaos

Arturo Chaos


Dark, and light, exotic, powerful and soft, energetic and consuming, face melting solos and pulsating rhythms, punishing breakdowns - everything that defies and goes beyong the metal Genre


Formed late 2007, in the short space of time we have released a demo CD, releasing an EP in 2010, supported national and international heavyweight acts.

We're an energetic brand of metal by personifying our music through live presence. Arturo Chaos cover all horizons of the Metal and Hardcore sub-genres and culture and fuse them all into one.

We're described as a different brand of metal, uniquiely mixing technicality and simplicity together


"An Ode to Silence" - October 2008

"EAC" played through RTRFM
"Transylvanian Romance" through Triple J

"EAC, Deathbringer, Souless streaming on several profile websites, including myspace ("

Set List

1. Ruin

2. Monument

3. Souless

4. Prosthesis

5. Deathbringer

Set lasts no longer than 20 minutes minimum and 25 minutes maximum