Artvandalay fuses elements of everything ranging from rock to trance to middle-eastern and jazz progressions, and uses vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics to create a musical unit based on progressive jam.


Artvandalay began as an improvisational music project in a house-basement during the summer of 2003 in Knoxville, TN. Emphasizing on melodic grooves, jazz, and progressive jams, the band definitely provides a heavy sound that rips through immediate, consecutive changes and melds delicately into mellow resolutions. Naturally, the 5-piece band extended its musical instrumentation to a total of 6 pieces in 2005, including Charlie Moorefield on keys, Dustin Millote and Bryan Benson on guitars, Will Ross on bass, Nathan Barrett on percussion, and Chris Peck on drums, to provoke a full-out musical brawl of intriguing sounds and progressions. The year of 2006 yielded their first album titled Fat Accomplice, and just like their live performances, the album flows intrinsically from an atmospheric and dreamy quiescence to a fast-paced and energetic burst of rock. Harmonic guitar licks and vocals top off the tightly strung band with original flare. Guitar, keyboard, percussion, and drum solos sporadically occur throughout their performances, accentuating their musical talent in a music-lovers world. Artvandalay's eclectic form of creating live music, being a progressive jam band, is bound to keep listeners movin' and grovin'.


"Live in Peck's Room, 2004"
"Fat Accomplice" - March 2006

Set List

Original Songs:
Carefree Tastetest
Brotha's Gotta Work it Out
Lefty's Gone
Space Dump
That's a Good Question (Part 1 and 2)
He Knows Time
Rinse, Repeat
Talking Phrases

Covers Include:
Cissy Strut
Paranoid Android
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Shakedown St.
Guns of Brixton
Jonny 2 Bad
The Other One
Take 5
Estimated Prophet
Get up, Stand up
Living in the Past