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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"This Wheeling native turned tragedy to triumph." - David Blomquist (WTRF News 7)

"Hip Hop Summer Jam (w/Trilleville)"

Opened for Trilleville
August 26th, 2005
- Capital Music Hall

"Wamo 106.7 Talent Showcase"

April, 2005 - Pittsburgh, P.A.

"Millie Lewis Talent Auditions"

February, 2005 - Ramada Plaza - Wheeling, W.V.


1. Escape (2001)
2. Stream of Consciousness (2003)
3. Self Portrait (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Artystik (Steve Cody) was born on December 13th of 1985 in Wheeling, West Virginia. During childhood, he always had an intense passion for music. At age 13, Artystik was introduced to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called Acid Music. He became very interested in producing beats and started getting more serious and adept as time progressed. In 1998, Artystik was introduced to hip-hop by listening to Wu Tang Clan's mix album Wu Chronicles Vol. At that moment, he realized his destiny was to be a rapper and beat producer. Bit by bit, he started writing lyrics to his own hip-hop beats. Nobody really knew he was an emcee because of being stereotyped as a white, rock-oriented teen. To his advantage, he stayed hidden from the public until the proper time to display his talent.

In 2001, Artystik created a self-produced E.P. entitled "Escape" consisting of eight tracks. His first song ever created named "Spit the Venom" helped him gain recognition locally. Slowly, he leaked into the public by "free-styling" to many friends at local house parties. Even though he was still amateur at rapping and producing, people started acknowledging his dedication and talent.

In 2003, he developed another self-produced E.P. entitled "Stream of Consciousness" which includes eight tracks. For the first time, Artystik sold his music to neighborhood friends, fans, and family. He sold 60 copies at $5.00 each. Artystik could have sold more, but he felt his music wasn't good enough for the "streets" to witness yet. During the next year, he attended his high school talent show and performed the song "Life" off of his second E.P.. Due to his breath-taking performance, Artystik received a well-deserved standing ovation while people chanted lyrics from his song. Because of his impressive act, he easily received 1st place in the competition.

To better audio engineering skill, Artystik attended an audio engineering school called Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio during November of 2004 . Throughout the education, he successfully completed the training offered such as the operation of consoles, multi-track recorders, DAW's, signal processing devices, microphones and many other tools essential to the audio engineering profession. In addition, Artystik also gained production experience in tracking sessions, mixing sessions, editing, radio spots and sound-for-pictures projects. Because of his gifted ability to engineer and produce, he graduated Recording Workshop as being ranked in the top ten percent of his class and earned a letter of recommendation from the director (Jim Rosebrook).

During April of 2004, Artystik won the audition to enter 106.7 WAMO's Pittsburgh talent showcase. Because of walking through the crowd, jumping on stage, hyping up the crowd, and being very comedic, he recieved a well deserved applause from the foreign city.

On August 6th, 2005, Artystik opened for major Hip Hop group Trillville at the Capital Music Hall in Wheeling, W.V. He amped up the crowd with an adrenaline-packed performance, showcasing club and R&B songs for spectators to get down to.

Now, Artystik has come out of his emotional cage once again and is going to show the world what he has been trying to hide for 7 years. His new, self-produced, 12-track debut album entitled "Self Portrait" is going to put his lifeline where it needs to be. With a catalogue of over 200 beats, 50 songs, and a wide array of experience performing on stage and free-style battling, Artystik is prepared for the walk of immortality...

***Currently, Artystik is working on his upcoming album entitled "Sacrificial Artistry", which will be due late 2006. This album will display many diverse and serious aspects of life, such as poverty, potitics, hope, love, and more...***