Arvella began in the fall of 2003 under the name of Certainty Kills. As Certainty Kills, the band recorded two albums and toured the United States Playing with such bands as, Life In Pictures, Little Compass, they murdered miracles and Drop Dead Gorgeous. In 2005 with a loss of a member, Arvella was formed. With a new goal and vision, Arvella toured all over the western United States and began writing for a new EP. In June of 2006, Arvella went into the studio with Ed Stasium (Maxeen, Misfits, Slick Shoes, Biohazard) and recorded a four song demo. With influences from all sides of the spectrum and numerous shows played, Arvella is taking their music to the next level.

The new EP is now available ..


Dallas Winston

Written By: R King-Arvella

Dallas Winston …….>>>>>>>>?????

Bring the rattlesnakes, bring the shoves, cut the heads off. Our friends have abandoned us. Pass the tongue, crawl out of the mouth. Reach for security. “oh shit we finally got a kill”. A meaningless cause for a meaningless time. Why must you make this so meaningless. My record will kill yours. Digest dollars bills for the sailors . “oh shit your hairs on fire”. your stomach has become your style, mark your name here, mark your name here. You have no hope, the world has no hope. My eyes have been reopened ,
From all those years I’ve wasted . Style means nothing, your heart means nothing. Your mind is a fucking television. Go find yourself a rotting corps to sleep with, your heart means nothing.
Kill your own…


Certainty Kills/ Words heal wounds/ released spring 2003
Certainty Kills/Certainty kills/ Released winter 2005
Arvella/ Arvella/ Released summer 2006/

Set List

Avella’s set normally consists of, six songs and is around 35-40 minutes long. Every Arvella show is different. Arvella will never play just another show. Every show is unique in some way.
Arvella’s set list at this time…

Johnny Cade
Darrel Curtis
Interlude (Instrumental)
Dallas Winston
Ponyboy Cutis