San Diego, California, USA

ArvoSoul is a fresh rock n roll band based out of San Diego. Each member has experience playing in other San Diego based bands playing all styles from reggae to punk, performing at venues like: Canes, The Stage, Prospect Bar, 710 Beach Club, Brick by Brick, and Whiskey A Go Go to name a few.


ArvoSoul is a brand new rock n roll band from San Diego, California. The band consists of Jon, Andrew, Dylan, and Carlson. Jon formerly played guitar for Kattegat Sound, performing indie-rock. He was also a member of a punk band called Relative. Dylan and Andrew were members of Pivotal Motion, an original reggae/jazz/blues band. Both have an eclectic influence outside of modern rock music. Dylan performed for the San Diego Junior symphony as a first chair double-bass player. Andrew is currently pursuing a formal music education at the University of San Diego. He is emphasizing in music composition, and performs classical guitar in the chamber ensemble. Carlson is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina. He traveled to San Diego to attend the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He is majoring in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts with an emphasis in Music (ICAM). After his freshmen year at UCSD he joined On The Line, a local band known to play rock music inspired by ska/reggae/punk/hip-hop. Carlson performed with OTL for two years at a number of venues around San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The unique backgrounds of ArvoSoul's members blend to create a original sound. The upbeat rhythms and positive melodies get people dancing. And live performance extends the original songs creating new sounds that are only a product of the live atmosphere


New 3 song EP just mixed and mastered this last week of 7/29 by Mark Suhonen, featuring: Funk This, Look Alive, and Noah Way.

Set List

originals plus a wide range of covers from the Stones, to Led Zeppelin, to the Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Sublime. We like to keep them unpredictable. A different set of covers is performed between each show.