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"Band to Watch - Arwin"

Well, since our Chicago conversation died out in the cBox, I’ve decided to revive a little of the love for the good old Windy City by introducing you all to a new band named Arwin. Chicago is known for producing great music of all genres, and this band has the potential to be one of its great additions to the indie pop scene. Arwin use gentle strings and spot-on melodies to suck you in, giving you nothing but pure pop pleasure (sorry about the alliteration!). They have a self-titled debut EP out now, all of which you can listen to and buy on their myspace page. I’m going to pay attention to what they do next, because I have a hunch they could drop a debut full-length on us full of catchy goodness in the future… In any case, here’s a first track off their debut EP, a mellow track that gets better with repeated listens (check out their myspace for their more upbeat tracks). Enjoy!

Link: - The Yellow Stereo (blog)

"It's Getting Bright Outside"

As the weather here in Chicago gets warmer let the easy and breezy pop sounds of Chicago's own Arwin wash over you. Their recently released EP Bright Outside is a sunny slice of oven-fresh indie pop that is as refreshing as a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade on a warm spring day like today.

Alternately, the music of Arwin is like a smoothie made with 1 banana, a scoop of vanilla yogurt, some Byrds, a little Flaming Lips, a pinch of Radiohead, a dollop of Fleetwood Mac, and some Beach Boys orchestration. Once blended, it is a smooth and charming listen from a terrific band that more people need to know about. Seriously, these songs have been on constant repeat over here the last few days. Great stuff.

Link: - Can You See the Sunset From the Southside? (blog)


Arwin are a sweet and easy band that make songs, not music. You remember songs, right? Those things about love and childhood that don’t make statements, don’t sound like anthems, and aren’t weird, wild or experimental? Arwin’s songs are very 1970s: complete with strings and airy vocals that intertwine with what sounds like a xylophone. Uptempo melodies, sunny tunes. Some might say quaint, I say refreshing.

Link: - Berkeley Place (blog)

"Little Tiny Voices"

Today, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful and endearing group from the windy city of Chicago, Arwin. They have been around for a little longer than a year and in that time have managed to craft a majestic and spacious sound that is reminiscent of all that is good about 60's pop music and record an EP entitled Bright Outside. Lead singer Neil DeGuia's voice sounds like a more confident, direct and less warbly Wayne Coyne. As a whole, Bright Outside shimmers and sparkles like a lawn in the morning covered in dew, and this EP would be the perfect accompaniment for a picnic on that same lawn later on in the afternoon. The EP's title track starts with a piano and string arrangement that would make Brian Wilson smile, then proceeds into a glorious four and a half minutes of melancholic liquid sunshine that at times is almost reminiscent of a spaghetti western soundtrack. Enjoy this song and be sure to check Arwin out on tour later this summer, too.

Link: - And God Rock Us, Everyone (blog)

"Arwin (Bright Outside EP review)"

Chicago can be a cold and lonely place during the winter months. I guess that’s where this Windy City quartet comes to the rescue, bringing the cheery orchestrations and subversively optimistic pop melodies. Snuggling up to the music of Bright Outside is one way to stay warm and upbeat as this cute and cuddly four track quilt—woven-through with Brian Wilson falsettos and melodic nods to the Flaming Lips—wraps around your ears. From the first track, "Bright Outside," till the end, I saw the sky split open as Wayne Coyne descended down in his ubiquitous plastic bubble and right along side him was Brian Wilson signing harmonies as both played the muse for this 2006 debut EP of swelling strings and piano crescendos cloaked in a sparkling and spacious translucent pop shawl. Can’t go wrong with the aforementioned influences for a first recording and the EP will be a welcomed ally with the winter months rolling in.

Link: - Ink 19


Bright Outside EP - self released



Arwin rebel against the ethos of modern-rock, deftly avoiding skinny boys in skinny pants, whiney pseudo-folk, and pretending to be bored. Instead, Arwin actually tries to be good, adorning their thoughtful songs with lush harmonies and instrumentation, and adorning the stage with flowers, lights, and dressed-up style.

Since debuting in Chicago two years ago, Arwin has scored some high-profile gigs opening up for Wheat, The Comas, and The Twilight Sad. They consistently wow audiences with their energetic stage show and amazing depth of songwriting.

Arwin's influences:
The Beatles
Curtis Mayfield
Big Star
Flaming Lips
Fleetwood Mac