Aryeh Shalom

Aryeh Shalom


"Matisyahu Meets The Fray"... Hasidic Rock in the tradition of Dylan, Marley, & The Dead


Aryeh Shalom is a Religious Zionist, Social Activist & Singer / Songwriter in the tradition of Dylan, Marley, and the Greatful Dead. Aryeh's blend of Hasidic Rock strives to both sooth and inspire the soul. Shalom's music ranges from the personal ballad to the spiritual anthem.

Aryeh Shalom has created a community around his music. He has hosted and performed at venues such as the Trocadero and The T.L.A., galvanized Tri-State festivals such as Music For Israel and created informal timberland villages where friends can sit around the campfire and share stories and songs. Inspired by the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Aryeh went on to teach himself how to play piano and guitar and continues to use his music to bring people together from all backgrounds.

At the age of 18 Aryeh decided to travel around the world. Settling down in Israel, Aryeh worked on a Kibbutz ( a collective farm) and later made his way to Jerusalem to study Jewish Spirituality. He has spent the past seven years involved in Jewish Activism and is the co-founder of several social action organizations including, The Philadelphia Chevra and Music For Israel ( & (



Set List

1. All G-ds Children
2. Broken Hearted
3. Pictures By The Wall
4. Rise The Morning Light
5. The Lion and The Lamb
6. Unique is She
7. Dreams and Prophets
8. National Revelation
9. Captive Child
10. A Soldiers Prayer

Cover Songs May Include:

Redemption Song
Knockin on Heavens Door
Tears In Heaven