Aryk Crowder

Aryk Crowder

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Melodic Soul with a Pop/Rock sensibility...think Prince writes and album with Maxwell and has John Mayer perform it.


Long before this year's first volume of his 2x4 EP series, everything about Chicago R&B/soul sensation Aryk Crowder has been about building a sturdy, tangible structure on which his unique vision can thrive. From his early four-track recordings in a studio apartment to recent grass-roots efforts in crowd-sourcing and charity work to the hand-stamped artwork and distribution of 2x4 to a new video centered on local tragedy ("One By One," coming this November), it's all innovative, creative and certainly DIY, but Crowder's ethic also hearkens back to a time before DIY was hip or underground. With his own two hands, Crowder isn't building walls in order to stand-out, so much as bridges.

After months of perfecting his demo in the late 00's, Crowder began his quest for success in the heart of Chicago. The city’s local music scene eagerly opened its arms to its newest musician. Soon after arriving, he had booked live performances at some of the city’s most prominent venues, many of which he continues to be requested back to, such as the House of Blues, Reggie's, Hard Rock Cafe, Subterranean, Martyrs' and Uncommon Ground. Whether solo or joined by his infections live band - bassist Adrian Morris, drummer Will Nickson and keyboardist Brandon Mckenzie - Crowder has wow'd audiences as an opener for New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight and singer/songwriter Mat Kearney, as well as at a sold-out, debut appearance at Angels & Kings (owned by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz). Crowder has also racked up several stunning live on-air performances on WGN 720AM, WBEZ 91.5FM, Vocalo 90.7FM and Fearless Radio, reaching worldwide audiences listening over the internet.


Through a slew of engaging, independent releases (including 2010's Ready, Set... EP and 2012's Over Getting Over), Crowder has once again topped himself with the 2x4 series, with Volume II expected in Spring 2015. Accompanied by lush strings, pristine finger snaps and subtle, heartbeat-like percussion, Crowder is at home on Volume I, keeping things at a mild boil musically, while letting his romantic side genuinely runneth over. Though comparisons to Jeff Buckley, John Mayer or Ben Harper aren't unwarranted, Crowder sports more love for true soul music than any of the above, as evidenced through the  rustic tones of acoustic plucks. Though the focus is on Crowder's expert vocals and masterful guitar work, this project is rounded out by hefty contributions from Sidewalk Chalk members Charlie Coffeen and Tyler Berg (co-production/keys and drums, respectively), mixer Chris Harden of IV Lab Studios (who has worked with Plain White T's and Hard Working Americans) and Boiler Room master person Colin Jordan, responsible for assisting a who's who of Chicago hip-hop talent over the years, such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Twista.

Crowder's connections to his fans and his city are far from done when the final note is sung or the last instrument cable is wrapped up for the night. He's bringing human emotion (and handmade keepsakes in which to collect them) back in an age of a point-and-click music industry.


- "One by One" single - released December 2014 along with music video
- "2x4,Vol.1" EP - released September 2014
- "Over Getting Over" single. Released October 2012 

- "Ready, Set..." EP - Released October 2010

All  music available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. 

Set List

Whether performing with his band or solo acoustic, Aryk has an arsenal of 20+ original songs.
Aryk has been known to perform select covers from artists like Prince,Michael Jackson, Adele, Al Green and more.