A band with alot of changups and melodic style that gets people rockin' quick and sucked into a catchy groove that leaves you wanting more.


Aryzen was formed in January of 2005 and has gained momentum quickly from our aggressive outlook and approach. We created a style that has a groovinig, heavy, melodic feel, which appeals to a variety of people. Our crowd consists of people from the ages of 13 to 50 due to the catchy riffs, cool drumbeats, thumpin' bass and smooth changups. Our influances range from Testament and Mudvayne to Creed, Alice In Chains, and Van Halen. We design our material to keep the listeners attention by playing shorter songs with nothing but memorable riffs, and drumbeats bound to make you want more.


First CD.......Crossing Over!

No radio airplay as of yet.

Set List

Our Set Consists of 18 songs.
No Covers All Original!
Set Is Roughly 2 hours.