As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below


We are a bunch of guys that love music and love to play it. We formed early April 2007 and have taken part in contests such as the CBGB Battle of the Bands (Fort Erie) and other various shows throughout the Niagara region.


Let's be serious here, we're only another alternative rock band trying to top the charts like any other, right?
As Above, So Below uses a variety of influences from The Dear Hunter to Frank Sinatra, The Arcade Fire to Portugal. The Man, Attack In Black to The Gorgeous to keep things so that each member brings a totally different element to the bands sound, but at the same time, making sure that their songs are catchy and sing-a-longable.



Set List

1. Sound Check*
2. Pushin'*
3. The Basement
4. Lady*
5. Distraction

Note: songs marked with a (*) are not yet named, but only have been given these names for the time being.