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"CD Review "Seeds of Love""


A portrait of a Swedish singing sensation in the US
Asa Rydman is here to spread her “Seeds of Love” By: A. Hewardt - Anderson ahewardt@vestkusten.com
Asa Rydman has become one of the brightest, musical components of the Nordic mystic, melodic pop/rock scene. She recently returned yet with another outstanding collection of songs, written over the past two years. Her songs resonate with the ordinary made extraordinary. Her gift is to take experiences from daily lives and artificial happenings and elevate them to magical status and combine them with beautiful melodies and that lush, caramel voice to build something special.

Asa Rydman is an Aries, born in Örebro on March 21. While still quite young, Rydman remembers that she wanted to devote herself to music. She began to write her own words and set it to melody. Between 1993 - 1998, her ambition was strengthened as a music student at the University of Music in Goteborg where she emphasized her studies on vocal and musical theatre. While there, she also founded her own band, Åsa’s Garden. They gave performances and released their first CD, “There is no way” in 1997. Åsa’s Garden has continued to perform until present, although the band members have changed over time. Shortly after her graduation from University of Music in 1998, she worked as a musical theater director at a grade school in Sweden for a year. Rydman then decided to leave her position and moved to Paris to study French, one of her many dreams. In addition to her studies, Rydman also worked for Disneyland as a jingle composer and was the lead singer in the film “Invisible Circus” starring Cameron Diaz. During her last year in Paris she met a world music group and joined them on a tour in Europe. In 2000, Rydman decided to once again pack her bags and this time set her focus on another horizon, more specifically the music mecca of the world, New York. Here, she took acting classes for two years and later formed her own music production company, Musicgarden Productions. With the help of producer/ musician Mattias Bylund in Sweden, her second album “Seeds of Love” was released in April that year. Bob Leone, Projects Director of Songwriters Hall of Fame praised the album and said: “Åsa Rydman’s songs are so heartfelt and without pretense that one cannot help but be drawn into her world. Her voice soars with an angelic power that commands your attention. This is compelling music.” “Seeds of Love” gave Rydman the stratospheric push she needed in her international singing career.

Among Rydman’s other great interests in life are musical theaters and plays. She has been involved in several productions throughout the years and in January 2002 even produced her own show called “Seeds of Love”. Rydman says that September 11 affected her life significantly and setting up this show was her way of ‘healing’ spiritually. “Right after September 11, I felt like going back to Sweden. But, I also wanted to be part of the healing process, so I stayed and produced this show. I wanted to combine my music with theater so I held my concert in a dance theater. It was a dream come true.” Rydman holds a strong belief that music and theater unite, heal and enliven people’s souls. This is definitely Rydman’s world. A world striving for love, peace and understanding; a world where beauty and hope is discovered in the most unlikely places or in the simplest events.
Melodic Art-Pop from Sweden! “ Åsa Rydmans’ songs are so heartfelt and without pretense that one cannot help but be drawn into her world. Her voice soars with an angelic power that commands your attention.” - Bob Leone, Projects Director, Songwriters Hall of Fame '

Listen and buy “Seeds of Love” easily at www.CDBaby.com/asarydman

- Vestkusten- Swedsih Newspaper in the US.


"Where I Belong" - CD 12 tracks
Label: Musicgarden Records, 2005.

“Seeds of Love” (EP) .
Label: Musicgarden Records.
“Electroganic” – 2 tracks. CD compilation Sweet Daddy Records, NY.
“Difficult” – Single. SFP Records, Miami.


Feeling a bit camera shy


åsa - pronounced “awsa” - is taken from Norse Mythology meaning “goddess” in Swedish. Åsa Rydman has a broad musical background and has received a MFA in Music at Göteborg’s University in Sweden. Her eclectic music has been described as Björk meets ABBA with a bit of Cardigans, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Norah Jones and Dido. However, Åsa has developed her own style of creative and sensual songwriting. Her music is warm and harmonious with a mystical Nordic touch tied to philosophical lyrics and memorable melodies. Her love for jazz, electronica, Brazilian rhythms and Swedish folk music is also displayed in her music. Now based in Sweden, Åsa and her band Åsa’s Garden has been performing at many of NYC’s hot nightspots including Fez, CBGB’s and the Living Room but also in other parts of US, Sweden, Iceland, Brazil and France. The CD is already creating a buzz in the industry and catching the attention of clubs, the film world and more. “My Valentine” is the ending song in the movie, “My Funny Valentine” starring Anthony Michael Hall. www.funny-valentine.com. She has attracted many noted, well-known musicians like drummer Alex Alexander (Dido) and bassist Conrad Korsch (Rod Stewart) among many others. She is collaborating with the largest Publishing Company in Sweden Gehrmans Musikförlag AB. Musically, Åsa has been engaged in worthy humanitarian causes overseas, performing for the people of Sarajevo after the war and its atrocities.