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Åsa looks to inspire and uplift the listener. Think ABBA meets the Cardigans, Björk and Sarah McLaughlin. Åsa’s eclectic style of pop-world music speaks to the creative mind through songs that are soulful and harmonious offering mystical Nordic touches, thoughtful lyrics and memorable melodies.


åsa - pronounced “awsa” - is taken from Norse Mythology meaning “goddess” in Swedish. Åsa Rydman has a broad musical background and has received a MFA in Music at Göteborg’s University in Sweden. Her eclectic music has been described as Björk meets ABBA with a bit of Cardigans, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Norah Jones and Dido. However, Åsa has developed her own style of creative and sensual songwriting. Her music is warm and harmonious with a mystical Nordic touch tied to philosophical lyrics and memorable melodies. Her love for jazz, electronica, Brazilian rhythms and Swedish folk music is also displayed in her music. Now based in Sweden, Åsa and her band Åsa’s Garden has been performing at many of NYC’s hot nightspots including Fez, CBGB’s and the Living Room but also in other parts of US, Sweden, Iceland, Brazil and France. The CD is already creating a buzz in the industry and catching the attention of clubs, the film world and more. “My Valentine” is the ending song in the movie, “My Funny Valentine” starring Anthony Michael Hall. www.funny-valentine.com. She has attracted many noted, well-known musicians like drummer Alex Alexander (Dido) and bassist Conrad Korsch (Rod Stewart) among many others. She is collaborating with the largest Publishing Company in Sweden Gehrmans Musikförlag AB. Musically, Åsa has been engaged in worthy humanitarian causes overseas, performing for the people of Sarajevo after the war and its atrocities.


On the Telephone

Written By: Music&Lyrics Åsa Rydman

© 2005 Gehrmans Musikförlag AB, Stockholm, Sweden/STIM

I was lonely and sad
When you called me up
I cried for a while
You tried to cheer me up

But the distance between us was torturing me
I just wanted you to hug me and say:

“It’s alright, it’s OK
Throw a dime in your wishing well
And your dreams will come true”
But I am here on the telephone with you

What’s the price that I pay to fulfill my dreams?
I am so torn between you and the life that I planned for me
So I call you up in the middle of the night
I don’t want to be this lonely and sad
You say:

“It’s alright, it’s OK
Throw a dime in your wishing well
And your dreams will come true”
But I am here on the telephone with you

My love, don’t you see
I am afraid I wont hold out this time
Our relationship’s over
…Oh yeah

Then you call me up in the middle of the night
You don’t want to be this lonely and sad
I say:

It’s alright, it’s OK
Throw a dime in your wishing well
Take your time
You’ll be fine
Just hold out
And your dreams will come true

All our dreams will come true
Both for me and for you

Sunday Morning

Written By: Music&Lyrics Åsa Rydman

© 2005 La Loba Music/ASCAP

Sunday morning I’m feeling lonely with out you here
Memories coming back to me again

Sunday morning the smell of coffee is in the air
I'm missing you

What is the reason for me to be searching?
I had what I wanted
Be mine again

I am here
Can you see me smiling?
I want to feel like a flower in bloom
It took time to realize you’re the sun that will make me grow
Want to be with you.
Always want to be with you

Sunday morning, the week is over I wake up late
I light some candles and try to meditate
Worries, passions, confusions and false illusions made
I’m missing you

There is no reason for me to keep searching
If you still love me I’m here again

I am here…

All those times when I was wrong all the times I longed for love
I’m sorry
Didn’t know it would hurt so much to figure myself out and to clear my mind
I m ready now to love

Cause my home is with you

World in Color

Written By: Music&Lyrics Åsa Rydman

©2005 La Loba Music/ASCAP

I see the truth come out with the rise of the morning sun
I step outside, sit down, invited by butterflies
The smell of the dew on the grass makes me wonder how life can go wrong
Love the bright night of summer
This is bliss, it’s nature’s kiss

I fly together with the sunlight and the moonbeams
I rise and shine above the earth
My truth is so much more than facts in black and white
I see the world in color

I go to work again it is early and it’s so cold
I see so many faces, so many stories are yet untold
But I take the train to a new destination
I close my eyes and I feel a sensation
There is more to life than this daily strife


"Where I Belong" - CD 12 tracks
Label: Musicgarden Records, 2005.

“Seeds of Love” (EP) .
Label: Musicgarden Records.
“Electroganic” – 2 tracks. CD compilation Sweet Daddy Records, NY.
“Difficult” – Single. SFP Records, Miami.

Set List

Åsa's Garden does a 50 minute set.
Sunday Morning
On the Telephone
My Valentine (Featured in the movie Funny Valentine)
A Thousand Stars
I Do Believe
Celebrating my life
Seeds of Love
World in Color
Love me for a Day