Ascending to Avalon

Ascending to Avalon


Sounds like Soundgarden-meets-Minus-the-Bear throwback riff rock and psychedelic sensibility. Recommended for fans of Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Foo Fighters, Open Hand and Pink Floyd.


Ascending to Avalon was started in March 2008, when Ryen Gerson (vocals, guitar) started jamming with Lance Miller (drums) and Eric Bourne (guitar) on some material that sat around in the depths of his mind. The trio quickly formed a bond which led them to record over 20 original songs and put forth a rough demo recorded in Ryen’s basement. In October 2008, producer Ivan Pena started working with the band and the result was “Wake the Sleeping Sun”, an eclectic display of the band’s range of influences, full of radio rock appeal.


2009 - Wake the Sleeping Sun EP

Set List

40-60 minutes of all original music