Ascot Fire

Ascot Fire


"Ascot Fire combines influences of early '90s grunge with modern pop, rock, and punk to produce guitar-driven tunes with killer hooks and clever lyrics, anchored by unwavering vocals."


Hailing from the rock breeding grounds of Chicago, IL, Ascot Fire is a band that you should keep an eye out for. Their debut EP entitled "Significantly Irrelevant" is a combination of catchy rock songs with loud guitars, fast drumming, and melodic yet unwavering vocals. Produced by Marc McClusky(Hit the Lights, The Waiting Game, Farewell) and mastered by Doug McBride (Fall Out Boy, Smashing Pumpkins), Ascot Fire's debut EP "Significantly Irrelevant" is now available for purchase!!!


Something You Deserve *NEW*

Written By: Steven Sampila

I can see you
Looking in the mirror again, you've become so predicable
Your obsession
is the only answer for your changing self-righteousness

I can see you
your the only one I remember, your the one I've been dying for
I can feel you
changing your direction, and it's killing me again

This could be
your device
hesitation fakes it for you

I've been trapped inside your head forever
wishing this time I was dead
Lies are everything you said
Remember, this is something you deserve
So Long...


"Ascot Fire" original demo (2003) - I Aplogize, It's All You, Don't Leave me Here
"Adventures in Low Budget Recording" demo (2004) - Wasted, The Way I Feel
"Significantly Irrelevant (OUT NOW!!!) EP March 2006

Set List

Typical set list is 45 minutes to an hour.....all original material.....the occasional random cover song