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The best kept secret in music


"This [CD] is awesome. Play it over and over and over... #6 in Top 40 picks (June 2006)"

“This [CD] is awesome. …one of the best records of this type you’ve never heard of. Play it over and over and over and over…� - The Big Takover (issue #58)

"a classic... (June 2006)"

“…great songs…complete with guitar overload and 6-string beauty as well. A classic if anyone’s looking.�

- Dagger zine

"I'm all for it. (June 2006)"

“If songs like these…are a sign of things to come from the band, I'm all for it. …awesomely charged vocal performance.�

-David Mansdorf -

"a gem... their sound is tight and mature. (June 2006)"

“The Sleepover Disaster has effectively blended old and new…their sound is tight and mature. These guys know what they’re doing, know the sound they want, and pull it off quite well. For a shoegaze fan, "The Oceanographer EP" will be a gem of a find. For non-shoegazers, this could be the recording that gets you addicted to the psychedelic fun.� -

"...just shockingly great! #29 in Top 40 picks (June 2005)"

Note to self: Get online and order this band's first EP 2000's "Only If...", and earlier LP, 2001's "Staring at Nothing". Fresno, CA's The Sleepover Disaster's business card says "melodic spacey modern rock music", which is like a card for the Empire State Building saying "tall tower." Way too modest, boys; with those words, you fail to prepare your listeners for the kickass crunching, swirling guitars by songwriter/singer Luke Giffen and lead player Taron Barefield, as well as for the tight, seething-to-moody rhythm section of engineer/producer/bassist Eric Peters and drummer Vince Corsaro.

The tongue-in-cheek-entitled "Loud is the New Quiet" is packed with layered soundscapes of guitars married to some pounding Catherine Wheel post-shoegazing rock that's part wall of sound and part psychedelic punk journey. Whereas a band like Britain's Engineers bliss out on hypnotic mid-tempo ambient repetition, these guys get the indie rock/post-punk explosive grind in there on a few songs, such as the smashing "29 Seconds" (which rips so hard, thank Beelzebub that it's not in fact 29 seconds long) or the equally amazing opening track, "Comet" (think The Catherine Wheel's "Free of Mind", "Strange Fruit", and "Broken Nose").

Frankly, on the few up-tempo rockers, these guys smoke, with Giffen's smooth vocal riding over is all the way a surfer coolly manages a pipeline. And the songs themselves are equally imposing, sporting mighty melodies that match the endlessly invigorating guitar work. As for the rest, some of the more oozing, dreamscape songs lack the same killer drive and power-packed excitement, but since they can be equally challenging and mesmeric, they just confirm this group's well-roundedness.

We're told that they plan to more to Portland. Up to now, they've only toured the West Coast, but maybe we can convince them to "go east, young men." This record is just shockingly great. Fire up that browser and get out the credit card.

-Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover issue #56

"First Exposure section (issue #68 July/Aug. 2005)"

[re: "Loud is the New Quiet"]
...dreamy-yet-intense shoegazer pop...Rightfully, it should be loud. - Magnet magazine

"well done! (issue #37 Fall 2005/Winter 2006)"

Great to see a shoegazer band who have not forgotten the importance of writing good songs. Well done gentlemen.

-Tim Hinely - Dagger zine

"...crystalline guitars and solid/pounding rhythms (July 2005)"

(re: Loud is the New Quiet)
"[The Sleepover Disaster] have [the shoegazer] sound down with the crystalline e[lectric] guitars and solid/ pounding rhythms! And Luke Giffen’s vocals are surprisingly smooth."
Top 15 "under the radar" albums (2005)

(re: "The Oceanographer" CDEP)
Great to see a shoegazer band that hasn't forgotten the importance of writing good songs. Well done, gentlemen.

-Tim Hinely - Dagger 'zine

"...soulful reverberations and lyrical dreamscapes. (March 2006)"

I've been waiting for a Fresno band that would transcend obvious musical categories; a band that doesn't celebrate FM radio mediocrity; a band gracious enough to disappear into their music and not showcase individual contributions when creating a song.

"Loud is the New Quiet" is the most recent full length offering from The Sleepover Disaster. Warm, rhythmic and desolate at times, the CD combines the comfort and sway of the late 80's UK "shoegazer" scene with the dramatic elements of a Richard Wagner opera.

My first thought after listening to "Comet", the first track on the album, was "Now that's how you write a hit single!" Listeners ride the tail of the comet through soulful reverberations and lyrical dreamscapes with songs like "Shallow" and "Air Again". Taron's guitar arcs over a rhythm section intent on pounding its way out of ballad territory.

With over 20 years combined experience, The Sleepover Disaster have been touring in and out of California for over 7 years, recorded 2 full length albums and 2 EP's. They are working on another full length album due out Fall 2006.

-Nedal Habbas - Fresno magazine

"One of the finer bands on the shoegazer scene today. Very impressive. (March 2006)"

The Sleepover Disaster - Loud Is The New Quiet (Overcast Records)

California's The Sleepover Disaster are one of the finer bands to be found on the shoegazer scene today. This is probably because even though they've got a good grasp on the early 90's Creation Records stuff, but they don't just limit themselves to trying to replicate the sound of bands like Ride and My Bloody Valentine (great as those bands may be). For every song like the Ride/Swervedriver influenced "Don't Talk" there's something very different like the Strokes-y "Comet" where Julian Casablancas' distorted vocal sound is used to fine effect, or the melancholy of "Hold On" which also manages to sound like a soaring Bends-era Radiohead song in it's anthemic second half.

Very impressive. However, nothing on the album is more impressive than the hushed beauty of "Shallow" which finds the band in Sigur Ros country. Although the Sleepover Disaster sometimes don't amount to much more than the sum of their influences they do write some truly killer songs that you will return back to over and over again.

-DAVID MANSDORF - Losing Today (webzine-


"Cultivation", Vol.4 compilation(1999)
"Only If..." CDEP (2000)
"Staring at Nothing" CD (2001)
"Scene but not Herd", Velvet Blue Records compilation, Vol. 3 (2002)
"A Salute to Local Bands", KFSR 90.7FM 20th anniversary compilation (2002)
"Loud is the New Quiet" CD (2004)
"Appendix Sessions", Vol.1 Greytank Records compilation (2004)
"Rock of the Tower!" compilation (2004)
"The Oceanographer" CDEP (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The members of THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER were brought together by a mutual affinity for 1980s UK shoegazer rock and 1990s American college/indie rock. The band has thrived and grown because of a friendship that makes songwriting and live performance so natural. There's no drama here; we just want to play our music.

THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER are actively seeking a home on a good label, a booking agent, and radio & press promotions for our next record. We're not waiting around for things to happen, however, as we've received a great deal of amazingly positive press recently, and are in the process of booking two Fall 2006 tours, along with sending packages out to labels kind enough to accept them unsolicited.