"Shoegaze" indie rock. Spacey and edgy, but with a strong sense of pop structure and melody.


The members of THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER were brought together by a mutual affinity for 1980s UK shoegazer rock and 1990s American college/indie rock. The band has thrived and grown because of a friendship that makes songwriting and live performance so natural. There's no drama here; we just want to play our music.

THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER are actively seeking a home on a good label, a booking agent, and radio & press promotions for our next record. We're not waiting around for things to happen, however, as we've received a great deal of amazingly positive press recently, and are in the process of booking two Fall 2006 tours, along with sending packages out to labels kind enough to accept them unsolicited.


"Cultivation", Vol.4 compilation(1999)
"Only If..." CDEP (2000)
"Staring at Nothing" CD (2001)
"Scene but not Herd", Velvet Blue Records compilation, Vol. 3 (2002)
"A Salute to Local Bands", KFSR 90.7FM 20th anniversary compilation (2002)
"Loud is the New Quiet" CD (2004)
"Appendix Sessions", Vol.1 Greytank Records compilation (2004)
"Rock of the Tower!" compilation (2004)
"The Oceanographer" CDEP (2005)

Set List

Typically one set of 30-45 minutes, or as stipulated by the venue or booker. This usually works out to 7-10 songs. All-original music, with the occasional choice cover thrown in.