As Daylight Fails

As Daylight Fails


As Daylight Fails is an Indie/Rock band that has a unique sound. With influence from everything, Van Halen to Copeland, As Daylight Fails is a musical collaboration that has fans from a variety of genres. Being musicians by nature, the bands songs are creative and inspiring.


As Daylight Fails was started in early 2007. The bands hope for their music is to inspire their listeners. Centered on uplifting lyrics and an Indie sound, As Daylight Fails spans the gap between Mainstream and Indie Rock, believing that their music is fit for both avenues. The Name As Daylight Fails comes from Rev 8:12. Believing, our Lord could have placed us in any era throughout the ages but saw it fit to place us now as a humbling thought, As Daylight Fails is not just a name but also a motto.

Set List

Are We Together?
No More Goodbyes
Dust Became
For A Friend
Lets Be In It
Broken Wings