A Seasonal Disguise

A Seasonal Disguise

 Boise, Idaho, USA

Rock and roll chaos tempered with pop sensibility and a deep rooting in folk musics. Constantly changing due to a need for perpetual forward motion. Our first record was layered folk songs, the second Arcade Fire meets Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Paris. Third?


A dizzying whirl of barely controlled chaos permeates A Seasonal Disguise's charming, chamber rock infused orchestrations. At times infectious, at times confounding, Z.V. House's former solo project has evolved into a fully developed, six headed, 12 armed, musical hydra, bent wholly to the task of fusing their love of Neil Young, Destroyer, Spencer Krug, and poutine into a hearty, clarinet leavened blend of rail hugging rock & roll. Based in Boise, Idaho, with cello and arrangement imported from Portland, Oregon, ASD spent the winter of 2011 hibernating and scheming, plotting the debut of their second album, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, released March 3rd, 2012, from House of Ubasti.

A Seasonal Disguise has had the opportunity to share the stage with a wide variety of acts, including, Built to Spill, Clem Snide, Frog Eyes, Alec Ounsworth, Cave Singers, Finn Riggins, Tartufi, Hillfolk Noir, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, and Heligoats.


Krug's Fires

Written By: A Seasonal Disguise

Treadbare tires worn wise have to give
Like all Krug's fires must burn alive to live

Well I'll, close my eyes
To midnight skies
Go just out of sight

Playin' host from a fever bed in Montreal
To a ghost in my head who doesn't say too much at all
'Cause once you're dead you can't write or even think to make a call

Well I'll, close my eyes
To midnight skies
It was cloudy overnight

Spirits don't fly, they hitch-hike
And we're all just thumbin' a ride
Hard as we may try to make another side
They're all just seductive lies

Well I'll, close my eyes
To midnight skies
It was cloudy overnight
In a seasonal disguise
Forever close my eyes
Go out like a light

(Loons/Leonard Cohen)

Written By: A Seasonal Disguise

Blonde birds may eye
Moving pictures in colour, and the burns on your thighs
Blue skies incinerate
While loons and Leonard Cohen fuck
Like two burning coals' fates

Postal shade is too much
For all and each one another to hope to stay in touch
This being almost, but not quite as useless...
As flash photography from a moving car at night

You know a piranha will fight, with even its own brother
But I know you've seen, I know you've seen
I know you've seen the light

And the colours may fade into one another
But you know you've got it made
I know you swear you've seen a...
Paper crane proclaiming in order
All hail mighty Regina!


Written By: A Seasonal Disguise

Are you rushing out the rolling river beds
In the failing factories of a god
Put on the chopping block some time before

Your harvesting of these golden beds
Once filled with common sod
Will do, little to, keep you poor

You're rushing off the page
To catch the words that got away
Well don't forget to pack underwear

And it may be impossible to say
Where the morning fades into the day
But I suppose that you think you know where


A Risky Place Indeed - LP 2006
How To Fight Piranhas - LP 2005
" " - LP released spring of 2009
Tickle Arms - EP only available at shows 2010
Waterfowl of Eastern Canada - LP released March 2012
Waterfowl of Western Canada - EP released March 2013
Magnitizdat - Splt EP with Darling Rollercoaster only available at shows March 2013

Set List

Any combination of the following songs:
Cartilage and Sinew
The Suite
Krug's Fires
(Loons/Leonard Cohen)
Trout Fishing In N.A.
Borrowed Tooth
Are You Through Being Abstruse Please?
Purple Palindromes in the Office of the General
Golden Butterfly
Old Men Smoking Cigarettes in Chevy Luminas
Pictures You Made
Ad Infinitum
What About You?
Won't You Hibernate With Me?
Federal Way at Night
Cry on the Wind

Myriad Harbour
I Think I Need A New Heart
Distopian Dream Girl
Moonage Daydream
Road To Nowhere