Asect offers a blend of monster rock grooves, subtle reggae undertones, and the soulful grit of yester-year's classic frontmen.


Asect stumbles into Boston's rock scene with a mountain of combined experience under their belt and no shortage of drinks in their collective cup. Guitarist Dan Bernal, founder/ writer for hard-rock-partiers Canine, joined forces with fellow tour-hounds Josh Klein and Jake Hayden of alterna-jammers Stuffis in the fall of 2002. Following years of non-stop Canine touring throughout the northeast in support of two critically acclaimed records and a short stint as tour-guitarist for pop-rockers Waltham, Bernal found kindred spirits in Stuffis founder/ bassist Klein and Stuffis/ Missing Persons tour-drummer Hayden. Stuffis' active regional touring schedule and 2001 release nabbed praise in local magazines as well as national jam-band magazine Relix, sharing many stages with Bernal and Canine over the years while Hayden pulled double duty touring nationally with ‘80s pop sensation Missing Persons.

The emerging rock n' roll juggernaut found the perfect complement in singer Jonny-P. After a stint in NYC mainstays Nymbus, Jonny relocated to Boston in search of the song focused, melodically rich rock magnetism of past decades. Atop the groundwork of monster rock grooves, subtle reggae undertones and tight, melodically focused songs Jonny croons with the power, range and soulful grit of yester-year’s great frontmen. The result is a unified aural assault of huge songs, honed musicianship, distinctive vocals and live energy that Boston hasn't seen in far too long. Asect just finished their 9-track promotional EP that has already attracted an array of industry interest and they continue to tour and pursue what they know is possible...


1 9-track promotional EP featuring Liquorish, Left of Allright, and Little Didya Know with some commercial airplay in MA and NH

Set List

Love Drug, Left of Allright, Losin' Sleep, Outta Line, Liar Love, Warm Glow, Liquorish, Deep End, Cuttin' the Reins, Little Didya Know, Drive Away, and cover: Stand Up and Shout from the Rockstar soundtrack