Modern melodic rock with classic rock influence, Asect catches audiences with hooky tunes, lyrics that they relate to, and live energy and showmanship that empowers them.


Assembled from veterans of sucessful New England bands (Canine, Waltham, Stuffis, Nymbus) spanning the radio dial, Asect emerged early in 2003 with a blend of monster rock grooves, subtle rhythmic undertones and the soulful grit of the 70's and 80's classic frontmen. With rapid club success, Asect went into the studio nearly immediately harnessing a creative guyser which quickly grabbed the attention of regional radio (Spotlighted on WGIR/ Rock101, WBCN and WAAF local shows). The bands initial demos showcase a collection of melodically lyrical, story-driven songs ranging from bluesy ballad to anthemic fight rally. Asect instantly grabbed the attention of the Boston music industry quickly landing them representation and numerous radio sponsored shows at national-band stocked venues like the Middle East downstairs, Harpers Ferry and The Rockpile. Asect returned to the studio in the fall of 2003 while completing a live electric, acoustic and studio compilation DVD and continuing to deliver live their "...powerful, hard rocking set that reminds a little of Zeppelin, a little of the Black Crowes" (The Noise Magazine) throughout the region.


Liar Love

Written By: Dan Bernal, Josh Klein, Jon Paquin

You called again on Sunday morning feeling lonely
You say you want to just come on home
But you forgot that very evening, what you wanted,
And you left me baby, and alone did I roam
You tell me you wanted to be there, but you see, "Sorry" doesn't feed my hunger any longer

You and I Girl, burning like a fire
Turn the night up, and lay it on the line
Now you're twisting, turning my desire
Come to find your love has only ever been a lie

Sometimes it feels like I've been talking to a stranger
And you don't even hear the words that I say
I want to touch you, but my sanity's in danger
Like my very soul just slipping away

Lonely One

Written By: Jon Paquin

There's something in the air tonight
As you lie in your bed all alone
Telling me to kill the light
Please tell me this time there's something really wrong
It got a little crazy back there
This isolation is too much to bear

I've been trying the best that I can
To somehow right this wrong that's been done to you
Still crying, head in your hands,
No will to fight, so ready to run -
You're not the only lonely one

If there's anything I haven't tried
I'd give away everything that I own
Just to have a look inside-
How can I leave love I've never really known
There's gotta be a way to get there-
This isolation is too much to bear


Airplay tracks:
"Outta Line"

Set List

Originals: Little Didja Know, Liquorish, Outta Line, Deep End, Warm Glow, Losin' Sleep, Left of Allright, Love Drug, Cuttin' the Reins, Drive Away, Lonely One, Liar Love, Red Leaf Sunday, Turn Around, Love is in LA, Get Gone

Covers: You Oughta Know (Alanis Morrisette), The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff), Slow n' Easy (Whitesnake), Stand Up & Shout (Jeff Soto - "Rock Star" film)