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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Metal Death Metal




"Invisible Oranges - "City of Stone" review"

The most eye-catching credit on Aseitas’s “City of Stone” is Dysrhythmia and Gorguts guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, and, sure, he gives a characteristically inventive performance at the song’s climax. One incredible solo can only take you so fair if the music underneath isn’t up to snuff, but Aesitas have nothing to worry about on that account. This first song from their upcoming full length debut returns some of djent’s techniques, its rhythmic logic and dynamic sensibilities, to their extreme metal roots. The band would feel at home next to many modern day Gorguts acolytes, but they groove much harder. By the time Hufnagel shows up, Aseitas have established a shuddering motif drummer Zach Rodrigues molds like silly putty. It’s both cosmic and corporal, a promising blend for their work to come.

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"No Clean Singing - "City of Stone" review"

If you’re not already sitting down you probably should before you listen to this first song, because it has the kind of pulverizing punch and drive that can make one wobbly in the knees.

Along with those thundering, syncopated, sometimes off-kilter grooves and jolting, pile-driving riffs, it’s a creepy piece of music, too. Eerie, dissonant guitar emanations combine with flurries of seething, twisted, and constricting note patterns and squalls of feedback in a way that becomes chilling (as well as interesting).

On top of that, you get ghastly roars and vicious barks in the vocal department. And there’s also a crazed, shrieking solo in the song performed by none other than this band’s guest, Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts/Dysrhythmia).

The band is Aseitas from Portland, Oregon. The song is “City of Stone“, the first single from a an album due out sometime this fall. In the band’s words, “Discordant math metal converges with the brutish timbre of blackened death metal” in this forthcoming LP. - No Clean Singing

"Heavy Blog Is Heavy - "Aseitas" review"

More importantly, the band knows exactly when and how to incorporate melody into their compositions, accenting churning riffs and grooves with atmospheric chords and vaguely industrial soundscapes. It’s an eclectic mixture that leans toward a myriad of tangential genres while still remaining a wholly crushing death metal album. - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Can This Even Be Called Music - "Aseitas" review"

Aseitas is a progressive death metal band from Portland that just released its debut, self-titled full-length album. Aseitas is just shy of an hour long, and it nicely portrays the dissonant and somewhat atmospheric compositions of the band. Through some sickening tones, we hear an album the main focus of which is not to be a vehicle to showcase the levels of musicianship attainable by each member of the band. Indeed, the riffs are, for the most part, not very technical or impressive. Instead, the carefully-chosen series of notes therein grip you and abduct you into their depths.

The result is an engrossing album that’s a pleasure to listen through. The riffs are weighty and almost always include a little detail that makes them stand out; be it some triplets, an accentuated odd beat, a rhythmic modulation, or some combination of the above. One of the highlights of the album is Zack Rodrigues’ drums, they are often the ones bringing small details of interest, and they are consistently on point throughout Aseitas.

It is a solid album that’s available as freelease on bandcamp, so what are you waiting for? - Can This Even Be Called Music

"Cadaver Garden - "Aseitas" review"

There isn’t a single genre that can claim the sound of Aseitas. Combining sludge, death metal and elements of doom, Aseitas usher forth their self titled debut record filled with nine tracks of devastation and desolation. Clocking in at around one hour, this self titled release is fucking monstrous in run time and in sound. The unique combination of the numerous genres in which Aseitas deploys work in sinister harmony to create an overall sound that is dark, oppressive, discordant and at times isolating. From the onset, Aseitas see to it that you become buried under droves of punishing riffs and bone crumbling drumming, leaving you lifeless at the end of it all.

This release isn’t one to be taken lightly and upon pressing play you can understand why. Like billowing clouds of death, each track oozes from your speakers gracing you with a sound of madness and depravity. No matter whether you come across an instrumental-which there are a pair of-or whether you come face to face with ever oppressive and ever blasphemous tracks filled with throat tearing screams, ever shifting riffs and pummeling drumming, you can be sure that your bones will start to crumble. Aseitas offer up a sound that is jarring and spine rattling, and yet as punishing as it is you keep on coming back for more.

Once you get through three tracks, Aseitas offer a little bit of a reprieve once you come across the track The Orchard, only for it to fade out to make way for the ever skull caving track Covenant. Covenant rages on right from the get go as the drums blast away along with murky yet bone cutting riffs that are met with gnashing vocals from the abyss. This is one of the shorter tracks on this record clocking in at just under four minutes, but those four minutes are some of the most barbaric and lethal four minutes within this offering. The second breathe of air that you are allowed to come up for is when the sixth track The Obelisk appears from the murky depths, only to provide you with an isolating and overall grim atmosphere before the monstrous track City of Stone comes barreling through your speakers. City of Stone is a ripping and oppressive force that is entirely unapologetic in approach as it buries you under droves of sickening gut bursting riffs.

Only a few tracks were named above, but for each and every track much of the same can be said. Each of the nine tracks within this offering are massive, impressive and incredibly heavy, leaving you skull crushed in. Each track is riddled with monstrous riffs, venomous vocals and drumming that is out of this world. This self titled release is well rounded, well put together and executed to provide you with some sickening and massively heavy tunes to snap your vertebrae to. As lengthy as this record is you never feel as though you have been listening for near an hour as it has an incredible ability to suck you in and keep you entertained and intrigued. Never do you know where a song will end up and never do you know how one will begin. Each track sounds massively different from one another and it keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat for its entirety.

This certainly is an outstanding record, as it truly is unique, addicting and entirely bone shatteringly heavy. One of my favorites this year. - Cadaver Garden


"Aseitas" (self-titled debut LP) - April 1st, 2018
"City of Stone (ft. Kevin Hufnagel)"
(single) - October 1st, 2017
"Demo" - January 21st, 2017


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Brutish death metal, discordant timing and outlandish harmonic interplay converging in a titanic way. Since their inception in 2016, Aseitas have worked tirelessly to produce and share unique sonic landscapes - comprised of head-spinning rhythmic patterns, ambient instrumental passages, feral drumming, fiendish vocals, and guitars merging euphony and dissonance. The debut self-titled LP "Aseitas" was first unveiled on April 1st, 2018 - available to download for free at:

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