A Self

A Self

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A Self extends themselves heavily through conscious lyrics and strength of wisdom, while bringing a turbulent live experience that enables the audience to identify with the very essence of what is put forth.


Brothers Aaron (bass) and Jacob (guitar) composed, recorded, and performed as a duo since childhood. Upon relocating to Toronto, they sought a vocalist and drummer who could meet the challenge of creating the full sound they envisioned, and found this in Nathan (vocals) and Santiago (drums). A SelfÂ’s sources of inspirational, spine-shiver-inducing sonic delight include King Crimson, Tool, Primus, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Genesis and Deftones.


A Self ( Self Titled ) 2011

Set List

The Mountain
Angra Mainyu
Sandpaper and Skin
Saturn's Return
Deafened by Silence