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Reggaeton Olympics 2006
Toronto - Jan. 21, 2006

Reppin' the 905 Asesino & Perro delivered something the volatile crowd did enjoy as the two young MCs brought that gangsta element on top of hard sounding self-produced reggaeton beats. Like previous performers on the bill, Asesino & Perro also opted to use dancers for their set. The dancers were a nice touch in the small stage as both dancers were prepared with previously planned out routines and even added artistry at a certain point to the duos gangsta flex creating a good contrast.
Also noticeable, was Asesino & Perro's ability to get people's hands up while chanting " Latino's put your Ls up!"

Reggaeton Olympics 2006
Toronto - January 21, 2006

One of the most outstanding performances held this night was performed be El Perro y El Asesino, making the crowd pumped up and prepare for the rest of the night.

Blazin Reggaeton 2006
Toronto - Jan 28, 2006

With a slow beginning this event really started taking off at around 10 p.m. when appearances be El Imperio and El Perro y El Asesino got the crowd moving

Latin Series at Club 108
La noche se bolvio loca cuando aparesieron los performace La Union y Fito Blanco, Flakko, Perro y Asesino quienes pusieron a gosar a todos los acistente

Hip Hop Meets Reggaeton
Hip Hop Meets Reggaeton
At Afterlife night club on Thursday, May 18, 2006 Jokerz "r" us Entertainment hosted an event called "Hip Hop Meets Reggaeton". This event was the fusion of the most popular urban music around. The night started off slowly but developed into an explosive event later that night. Like any good night, it couldn't be complete without an incredible performance by our local artists Calentura, Pancho Via, Perro y Asesino and Flakko. Starting the night off with heat and vibe were two outstanding dancers from the Calentura group that hyped up the crowd and made them eager to dance with the rhythm. The Parkland Records king Pancho Via was second and he made sure that the crowd felt his flow and style. His performance was complete with an incredible vibe and dancers as well. The Oshawa boys known as Perro Y Asesino did as expected: prove to T.O that they can move the crowd with their philosophy from the streets and real life lyrics. Last but not least was Flakko, as always doing a good show with his Spanglish lyrical and original style. Hosting the night was the one and only MC Bacon who organized a dance contest in which the winners received giveaways.

Hip Hop Meets Reggaeton
Next up Oshawa-based Perro Y Assesino took the stage. They came out with lots of energy and love for the crowd. They preformed their latest single “Mueve la Cadella” and two other tracks. Though their performance wasn’t all that long, I felt their energy and stage presence left a positive impression for those who watched on. Last but definitely not least was the always anticipated Flakko who broght on his reggae-influenced LatinHip-hop and preformed his two newest tracks “Dulce” and “Oye”. Unlike any other artist that night Flakko performed solo without the use of hype men. All he needed was a mic and a DJ to rock the crowd. It was a short performance but to the point and enough to move the crowd and feel his vibe, which fit perfectly to end to a positive and eventful night. All in all the night was great, people came out with no beef, positive attitudes and anticipation to watch those ready to take centre stage. JokerzRus ENT definitely proved they know how to promote and throw a jam right.

Words: Claudia Sandoval

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Perro y Asesino Article
Reppin’ Durham region to the fullest, Perro Y Assesino, the reggaeton duo from Oshawa, Ontario - won’t stop at anything to claim their spot in Toronto’s Latin Urban scene. As the shows keep coming and the tracks keep dropping their name will only become more familiar. Their start consisted of hard work and an equal love for Hip-hop. “We started as hip hop artist independently, I started last year and Assesino started as a young buck at the age of 16 making hip hop beats and mix tapes. We met last year and formed Perro Y Assesino” says Perro.

Of course one would argue that Perro Y Assesino sound just like any other reggaeton act trying to make their mark, but with their influences spanning from artists like Rochester A.K.A Juice to Pitbull and Fito Blanko, one would think their sound would be anything but typical. “I’d have to say Pitbull influences me” states Assesino, “I’m lovin’ his dirty south flow, he’s versatile, he spits Spanish and English. I’m also inspired by Daddy Yankee and a lot of other artist from Toronto such as El Imperio, Rochester, Fito Blanko, Sensei and Flakko. Zion Y Lennox inspired me, I spoke to them over the internet and they taught me how to approach writing in a more appealing way, how to speak from my mind, speak the truth.”

Asked if there are any artists they aspire to work with Perro admits: “I wanna work with Immortal Technique and do like an anti-political track, I also wanna work with Winsin Y Yandel and all those heavy industry hitters.”

Although their sound started with hip hop, their Latin backgrounds allowed them to take interest in Latin music, and with the rise of reggaeton it was only time before they too would jump on the opportunity to create music while it’s hot. As for his opinion on the state of reggaeton in Toronto Asesino asserts: “I think, to be honest a lot of the reggaeton now is the same as what came out originally which is why Perro and myself are bringing out more hip hop to reggaeton, to show people that reggaeton is not just reggae or dancehall, we’re bringing more hip hop culture in it because that’s what started it, hip hop”

You can expect to see a lot more of Perro Y Asesino this summer 2006 and if you ask them they’re just getting started. Although there are no set dates they’re working on touring Canada with other local artists. They plan to put out a mix tape that will include such artists as Bishop, Kardinal Offishal, Rochester, and Fito Blanko. Dj Trambo’s “The Take over” volume 2 is another mix tape they plan to put their hands on as well as La Prophesia with Y2J dropping at the end of the summer. You can also expect a video from them for a track called De la Calle set to be shot at the end of this summer. Their album called “Reggaeton Del Norte” is in works and is set to be released some time in June 2006 and apparently available at HMV.

Words: Claudia "Crazy Curlz" Sandoval

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Th radio poll
TH Radio - edición 6
Vota por tu canción favorita [241 votes total]

El Perro y El Asesino - Put ur L's up (46) 19%
Carmina - Ventanas Grises (38) 16%
Bainaman - Para tu amor (32) 13%
Gardenias - El diablo al Cajon (26) 11%
Xtasis - Muevete (20) 8%
La Union - Levanta la mano (10) 4%
Ricky Franco - Que bueno (9) 4%
Azares - Solo por ti (8) 3%
Fito Blanko feat Tef - Change the game (6) 2%
Audio Ritual - Donde esta el Amor (5) 2%
Gabo - Vuelve (5) 2%
Tumbao - Te amo (5) 2%
Alex Bello - Perdoname (4) 2%
DigyDon - Te quiero ver bailando (3) 1%
Roberto Linares - Salsa con Regueton (3) 1%
La Union - Como (3) 1%
Billy One Play - Tu no tienes na (2) 1%
Cubano & The Game - Subelo (2) 1%
Wilson Manuel - Gabriela (2) 1%
De Sedas - Saquela compa saq.. (2) 1%
Fito Blanko feat Juice - Watch how you flex (2) 1%
Francis Betancourth - Recuerdos (2) 1%
Mc Puppet - Mujer Perdóname (1) 0%
El Imperio - Welcome to Toronto (1) 0%
Cubano - Bien dura (1) 0%
Edwin y Michel - Mi Havana (1) 0%
Diego Marulanda - El rebusque (1) 0%
Qbanito - Maria (1) 0%
Mapale - Mejor vida (0) 0%
Alex Cuba Band - Muevete (0) 0%
Cuarto Batallon - Candela (0) 0%
Eddy & Angy - Chica rabiosa (0) 0%
Los Playaz - Dale Corriente (0) 0%
John Blowes - Esa eres tu (0) 0%
Alex Cuba - Band Piropo (0) 0%
Cruzito - Dime (0) 0%
Iddi-d - Prende (0) 0%
Criollo - Calíbrala (0) 0%
Johnny Juarez - Todo para mi (0) 0%
Alexis Baro - Soul y tierra (0) 0%
Alma Sandoval - Una ilusion (0) 0%

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Perro y Asesino - Reggaeton Del Norte LP
singles - Mueve La Cadera, Mi Vida, Put Ur L's Up, Si Quieren and De La Calle

Put Ur L's Up was aired on 93.5 Flow Feb. 2/06 in Toronto. Mi Vida & Quieren Reggaeton were aired on CHHA 1610 am, Toronto on Dec. 30 2006, Rompe remix was aired on CHHA 161O am on May 12 2006, Dj Trambo spins Mueve La Cadera on Z 103.5 fm live from the Government May 19 2006.

Perro y Asesino Vs. T.O - Mafia Wars Vol. 1 mixtape - showcasing singles with singles from other artist aswell.



Hip hop has always been the platform, but Asesino is now ready to launch his Latin influenced Reggaeton flavor.

Producing beats and writing lyrics by the age of 15yrs, Asesino began to forge his musical career. By the time he was 20, Asesino's momentum was building, and his name was carrying a stronger reputation with every performance. That momentum came to a halt in 2003 when he was incarcerated for a one year sentence. Although his soul had taken a hit, he continued perfecting his writing skills from behind steel bars.

Soon after his release, Asesino was introduced to managers of Vinaasha Records. He was signed to a developmental deal, taking him to the next level.

By 2005, work had begun on Perro y Asesino's debut demo, which was a departure from his previous work. It included the same gangsta feel and bullet lyrics, but with a flow straight from the hard streets of Mexico City. Asesino had taken his hip hop sense and laced it with pure Latin vibe, joining Latin verses and hooks with English lines to keep both Latin hip hop and hip hopfans bouncing.

With his partner in crime, Perro, Reggaeton 905 has become the beast which Vinaasha Records is ready to unleash.

Canada's own Latin pitbull, Perro has been unleashed!

Begining as an English speaking hip hop MC, Perro's early work defined his youth and was the ticket into the local scene. The lyrics were tight and his flow fierce, but it wasn't until he was exposed to the Latin sparked beats of Reggaeton artist such as Big Boy and Baby Rasta y Gringo, that Perro found his home.

After reconnecting with Big C and building on an old friendship and music partnership, Perro began to develop his Reggaeton skills. Signed to Vinaasha Records on Dec 31 2005, Perro is ready to unleash his unique Latin hip hop flow, ferocious lyrics and pitbull energy.

El Perro Sin Dueno, Reggaetonero del Norte is here!