Steve Gregory

Steve Gregory


Power Pop Rock similiar to Maroon 5, INXS, LIVE, COLD PLAY.


VILLAGE VOICE - Steve's Performance was stellar! We don't know what's next for him but he is definitely going places. This kind of talent is hard to find. He is a brilliant musician. Keep your eyes on him."

Steve Gregory is a singer/songwriter guitar prodigy. As a band or solo performer, Stephen is a strong presence on the stage. A powerful voice, talented guitar playing and unforgettable pop rock songs are Stephen's trademarks. Able to write and perform his own music as well as covering other artists, Stephen's musical prowess runs the gamut from jazz and RnB to catchy, unforgettable pop music. Stephen will truly entertain any crowd. Stephen is a powerhouse of music and will fit just about any musical need. He and his band are currently performing in and around NY, NYC, CT, NJ. Stephen's original songs contain elements of many styles but do not lack a cohesiveness that is undoubtedly original yet marketable. Stephen has also played on many studio recordings for films and bands as well as performing in live situations for other prominent acts. As a live performer, Stephen has played in many situations both as a leader and freelance musician. The venues of performance range from small bars to outdoor stages to large halls such as the Berklee Performance Center. Simply put; once Stephen's songs are in your head they are difficult to get out. Beware of goose bumps at a live Stephen Gregory concert. You may just want more.